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Bank holidays are the holidays declared under the body of law. These holidays are declared just for the welfare of the bank and general public. There are holidays which are already declared for the banks where as there are some holidays that bank declares in form of strikes.

Holidays are essential for every firm and it can be profitable as well non profitable. The bank holidays importance can only be understood and listed by the banks not the general public. Bank holidays are very important for the banks as on this day they can complete there pending tasks left by them and they can keep there accounts up to date. On the bank holidays there is no public dealing as bank work with in there staffs. Bank holidays are differently assigned at different places. Discussing about some of the countries below lets see what the bank rules have to say about them.
1. Bank holidays in UK : - in the state of UK there are banks which are located on the places like England,Guest Posting Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and these places have a list of holidays declared by the UK government. In the month of October there is a bank holiday that falls on the day of Halloween day. In November St Andrews Day is celebrated but this holiday is only permitted in Scotland. In December Christmas day is the only and last holiday for these banks.
2. Bank holidays in USA : - the bank holidays in usa are declared by the US Federal government as this is the body of rules and regulations which regulate the policies. The declared bank holiday in USA for banks is the Monday but apart from this day there are other holidays too such as New Year day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Veteran day.
3. Bank holiday calendar : - bank holidays calendars are the one that are printed by the banks itself. In these calendars the dates and days are highlighted on which the bank holidays falls. Bank holidays calendars are same as other calendars as they too have the same months and days in it. Personalized calendars are also there which bank provide to its customers on every New Year day.
4. Bank holidays in Scotland : - bank holidays in Scotland is declared by the Scottish government. The days which are said to be bank holidays are New Years Day, 2nd January, Good Friday, Royal Wedding Bank Holiday, Spring Bank Holiday, Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Summer Bank Holiday, St Andrew's Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and  Early May Bank Holiday. These are the days for bank holidays and declared in bank calendars.
5. Bank holidays in India : - the bank holidays in India are set by the RBI that is Reserve Bank of India. In India the holidays are divided on the bases or religion. There are three national holidays which are always declared as bank holidays and those are the Republic Day celebrated on January 26, Independence Day celebrated on August 15, Gandhi Jayanti celebrated on October 2. The gazetted holidays are generally set as bank holidays’ but sometimes these holidays are not enough for bank to run accordingly so strikes can also be the part of holiday but on these banks open. On strikes bank do not deal with public as they does this only to deal with the bank works.

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