Some of the most wild sex stories Reddit has to offer

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There's some dirty stuff in here and it's completely NSFW, so read with caution!

To celebrate the gripping culmination of narrative and eroticism,Guest Posting we’re counting down five of the hottest Reddit sex stories.

Every once in a while (probably more than we let on), us folk at Happy scour the wastelands of Reddit for treasure. One time we found a thread dedicated to the worst-ever Pornhub parody titles and it wasn’t pretty. Lately, we discovered a thread dedicated to the best sex ventures titled “GoneWild Stories.” Needless to say, it was a goldmine.

 As the thread revealed itself to us, we found narrative brilliance, dripping imagery (literally), hilarity so good that it hurt, and, of course, racy eroticism. So, if you’re in the mood, join us as we countdown some of our absolute favourites. And of course, 18+ from here on out.


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