Strip Clubs “Do’s & Don’ts”

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Patrons of strip clubs need to know the rules. Here are some “Do’s & Don’ts” to remember.

Strip clubs have become even more popular than they were in the past. Men have always enjoyed watching an attractive woman shed everything but her g-string and today’s clubs have become more elegant and acceptable than in yesteryear. In the old days,Guest Posting a stripper might have performed in a seedy venue hidden away in the industrial district. Today, stripping has gone mainstream. People are much less inhibited about their bodies and strutting one’s stuff to music is more widely acceptable than ever before. But even with today’s looser attitudes toward bare flesh, there are still some rules of etiquette that must be followed. Cross the line and a burly bouncer may toss you into the street. Here are some “Do’s and Don’ts” for a visit to the strip club:

- Do keep your hands to yourself: It’s okay to look or even whistle but hands off the merchandise. For those scantily dressed cocktail waitresses that are close enough to touch - don’t. They might not be wearing much, but they still have a job to do. Distracting her with a fondling attempt will lead you to being kicked into the strip clubs parking lot.

- Do bring cash for tips: Dollar bills are acceptable but five dollars bills will make you one popular guy. If you bring some fivers, better make sure you have a stack because all the ladies in the place will be looking for you.

- Do think about your pants during lap dances: Instead of wearing scratchy denim jeans, try some softer fabrics such as well worn Khakis or poly athletic wear. As the dancer boogies upon your lap, her delicate parts won’t get hurt and she’ll likely shimmy and shake her booty even more.

- Don’t get dead-drunk obnoxious: Being in a strobe lit, music thumping place with a parade of naked women can be quite the heady experience. Don’t get so bombed on booze that you miss the show or come off as one more obnoxious jerk that the dancers talk about later.

- Don’t think she really likes you: Oh, okay; she appears to just adore your hunky self as she bumps, grinds and looks provocatively into your lusty eyes. But come on man; that’s her job. She’s looking for the big tips to pay her electric bill and you’re looking for some fun. Don’t confuse this with a serious relationship.

- Don’t forget that everyone’s cell phone has a camera in it these days: If you told your wife or girlfriend that you were going to the library to study for the CPA exam, don’t let her catch a photo of you on one of your bud’s Facebook pages with a nude blonde positioned on your lap. Tell the truth. Most women these days are used to the male bonding experience of guys ogling strippers. But lying to her about it will land you without the woman who really DID care about you.

Going to strip clubs can be a hoot if a guy remembers that it’s a lark and not a place to find a date or future spouse. Remembering the etiquette of “Do’s and Don’ts” will make it a better time for all.

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