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Phascolarctos cinereus is the scientific name for koala Species Of Bears and is an arboreal marsupial and has similarities of a wombat. 

The scientific name for koala Bear is Phascolarctos cinereus and is part of an arboreal marsupial with a despairing similarities of a wombat. Koala Bears usually place their young inside their pouch exactly like kangaroos and wombats. Because their offspring is placed inside their pouch for up to 6 months,Guest Posting their length usually is a quarter of an inch only. 

They don't have any ears and no sight and no fur as well during the time if they remain inside their mother's pouch. They will be able to develop their senses after the next six months but while they are inside, they could only drink their mother's milk. After six months, the offspring will take her journey outside her mother's pouch but will remains on her side and sometimes rides on her back until she is going to be a year old. 

Fascinatingly, koala Bear can only be seen in Australia. They are herbivores and their diet usually consists of eucalyptus leaves. They have digestive systems which are slow and for this reason they move slow as well. They usually sleep up to 19 hours every day and the rest are for gathering the foods also to eat. 

Koala Bears also is analogous with human where they each own fingerprints. Unlike other bear species, koala bears like to socialize and stay in groups. They are territorial type of bear and that they also form bonds and relationship with other communities as well. They each have their individual trees and that they've home boundaries that overlap with other koalas and live peacefully with other koala Bears. They mark their territories and tree by their scent and typically spend time in talking to other koalas. A wonderful means of communicating between mother and the offspring is by humming and in a clicking sound. Yelling frequently signals distress and warns other koala bears that danger is coming. 

When it comes to their diet, koala Bear typically eat eucalyptus tree. It was time when the eucalyptus forest was harvest by humans, their species experienced near extinction. Almost 80% in the whole forest was harvested and that none of the area was protected by the government. In reality, the lands that occupied by the eucalyptus forest is privately owned that's the reason government can't do anything regarding the destruction of trees. Reasons why koala Bears are extinct is because of deforestation, harvesting of koala bears and forest fires as well. 

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