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Ursus Americanus or is also called the American Black Bears might be seen in North America.

The American black Bear with a scientific name of Ursus americanus and is the bear that is found in North America. Many people misunderstand that Black Bear can only be seen in the forest in east of United States but based on experts,Guest Posting they may also be seen in Northern America as well. You can usually see black Bear form Alaska up to Florida and frequently live in forested areas. 

Black bears and grizzly bears avoid each other and black bears avoid other animals that live in habitats which are open. The truth is that black bears has great sense of eyesight and smell. Even though they can be seen walking in a very awkward gait because of their shorter legs than their forearms, they are one of the most intelligent Types of Bears ever lived. 

Even if their name implies black Bear, they consist of various colors that differ in their 16 subspecies and many of them are extinct as well. The government is now doing their best to avoid poaching and trading of bears locally and internationally and for this reason effort, the population is rising steadily. 

Though black bears aren't known to harm humans, they still have the capacity to kill humans just like their fellow grizzly bear cousin. If being observed, they are seemingly unaggressive and many experts believed that it is due to habitat they lived. 

Black Bear is adapted to large and thick trees with mountain foliages. They often take advantage of the vegetation that is present in the forest whenever they try to flee from other potential animals. Their diet usually contains plants and sometimes mammals including salmon, moose and deer. 

The size of black bears are a lot more the same as grizzlies and could have a weight of 273 kg and has a cinnamon to chocolate brown fur color. If you get to notice, black Types of Bears and their head is slightly smaller and is held on top of any other species of bear. They do not have the shoulder hump that can be seen on the grizzly Bear..|Black bears have no shoulder hump which is commonly seen in grizzly Types of Bears. They have curvier claws that are sharp and is great to climb trees. 

The cubs' play that are wrestled and climbing are part of their play activities and these might help them develop their activities for them to survive. They can climb any mountain easily in a young age. 

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