Scott Dekraai Kills 8 People In Seal Beach Beauty Salon

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Learn more about what we know about Scott Dekraai and why he might have snapped like this.

Hello my name is Brian Garvin,Guest Posting and I'm writing this article from Oceanside California today. It appears that Scott Dekraai and myself have two different things in common. The first thing we have in common is that both California residents, although I live in San Diego County and he lives in Orange County and then I'm from Oceanside and he's from Huntington Beach. The second thing we have in common is that we both served our country in the United States Marine Corps. But apparently a few days ago, something went very bad in Scott Dekraai's life, a turn for the worst. Apparently he was involved in a custody dispute that really got him angry, so he decided to walk into a very busy hair salon in seal Beach and opened fire on his wife as well as seven other people killing eight and critically wounding a nice person.

The Scott Dekraai shooting was considered the worst in Orange County history to date. The salon Meritage in seal Beach was sprayed with a hail of bullets as many people dropped to the floor dead. Some were able to escape and either ran into the street or head next to nearby businesses along the Pacific Coast Highway until the police arrived. One man tried to escape in a Range Rover where he was also shot since Scott was also firing outside after he left the salon. One lady from Anaheim said he just started shooting anybody he saw and wouldn't stop and that she was scared to death he was then issued everybody. Luckily an officer spotted the suspect leaving the vicinity right as the police responded to calls of this incident.

The motive for the shooting appears to be that Scott was angry at his former wife about some kind of a custody issue, and she was a hairstylist at the salon Meritage hair salon in seal Beach California. This part of town in this area of seal Beach is normally very mellow, however after the shooting this entire community was just floored with disbelief. In fact this is been the only incident of a shooting in seal Beach in the last five years. Seal Beach police are not familiar with crimes of this magnitude, and not only is this the worst crime ever committed in the city of seal Beach, it's also the largest death toll caused by mass murder in Orange County California. Six people were immediately pronounced dead by the time the ambulance arrived.

Three others in very serious condition were immediately transported to the trauma center at LB Memorial. One ended up surviving in the other two unfortunately passed away. All three of these victims were adults and one of the victims was Randy Fannin, who happened to be the owner of the seal Beach hair salon according to his niece Tami Scarcella. Scott Dekraai barged into the seal Beach hair salon around 1:30 in the afternoon searching for Michelle Fournier who is actually his ex-wife. Scott Dekraai is not from seal Beach and is actually a resident of Huntington Beach. Back in 2007, Scott initiated a divorce against Michelle which is what the Los Angeles County Superior Court documents state anyway.

The judge only gave the to the option of one 10 min. phone call per week as well as text or e-mail contact and the only reason for that is to discuss their child's well-being as well as his education, but other than that they were to have no contact at all. The original child custody agreement seemed to be in the favor of Scott Dekraai since he was awarded custody and his ex-wife had to comply with some stipulations in order to see the child, one of them being not to drink any alcohol within 24 hours before visiting. Then in August of 2010, the orange County superior court took over the case at Scott Dekraai's request.

One of Fournier's friends mentioned that she was a very happy go lucky type of person, who always enjoy the company of her children and was always in a jolly mood. She currently has three children and was always showing off photos of them bragging about them because she was so proud of them. The outside of salon Meritage was zoned off with standard crime scene tape. Witnesses said that this was a very chaotic environment and that multiple rounds were fired from outside the parking lot and also inside the business. Kimberly Criswell owns a salon close by, and mentioned that two shots were fired at her business when Scott was shooting at the person in the Range Rover trying to escape.

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