Cat Training Part-2

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Cats can learn dozens of ... It is not ... to train a cat to use litter box because mother cats train their kittens to use litter box. Cats can also be trained for using toilet. A kitten

Cats can learn dozens of activities. It is not necessary to train a cat to use litter box because mother cats train their kittens to use litter box. Cats can also be trained for using toilet. A kitten can learn to use toilet at the age of just three weeks. A cat of more than six months age can be easily trained to use toilet. The books How To Toilet Train Your Cat: 21 Days To A Litter Free Home,Guest Posting How To Toilet Train Your Cat: The Education Of Mango, No More Litter: How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet and Hello, Potty are now available at for toilet training of cats. Cats can understand their owner's mood. A cat can recognize its owner's footsteps. Some outdoor cats learn to cross traffic. Cats can be trained for walking and dancing with the help of two legs. Dancing classes of cats are conducted in USA. The book Dancing With Cats by Burton Silver, Heather Busch and Shakya Bahrain is now available at . For online information about dancing with cats visit website The earliest written record of a cat dancing with a person dates back from 1692. Cats can be trained for various exercises like aerobics and Yoga. The books Yoga For Cats by Trandi Reiner and Walter Reiner, Yoga For Cats by Talia Katasanda, Yoga For Cats by Erica Rutherford and Yoga For Cats by Christienne Wadsworth are now available at For information about yoga for cats visit the website Cats are born meditators. For information about meditation by cats, visit the website and website Cats can draw paintings without training. In USA and New Zealand paintings drawn by cat artists are sold in exhibitions. The cats draw paintings since ancient Egyptian times. Some good looking paintings drawn by artist cats are sold for more than ten thousand dollars. A good looking painting drawn by a cat was sold for seventy five thousand dollars. Visit online exhibitions of paintings drawn by cats at website and website Books like Why Cats Paint: A Theory Of Feline Aesthetics by Heather Busch and Burton Silver and Cat Artists and Their Work by Heather Busch and Burton Silver are now available at The book Why Cats Paint contains many photographs of good paintings drawn by cats. For more information on paintings drawn by cats visit the websites ,,, and website Cats can be trained for playing Piano, violin and other musical instruments. The public houses in which a cat play a violin are known as The Cat And Fiddle. Many books like The Cat and The Fiddle, The Cat & The Fiddle & More, A Cat With A Fiddle and Cat Goes Fiddle-I-Fee are now available at Cats can be trained to walk on a leash. Cats learn many activities by observation. Cats are easiest to train out of all domestic animals. Cats of four to five months old are easiest to train. Cats can learn dozens of activities like handshaking with paw, begging, opening door, turning on lights, jumping through hoop, opening windows, opening refrigerators, playing musical instruments, eating food with the help of their paws, ringing bell, acting dead, rolling on floor on command, hide food in boxes and walking on a leash. Cats quickly learn tricks like fetching a toy or object, sitting on command, jumping through a hoop and walking on a rope. Cats can easily learn many tricks. For training of cats, visit the animal planet channel website at ricks.html and website raining hebasicsintro.html. The cat pays attention to those things that are related to its own interest. Sometimes cats also learn something on their own without observation or training like grabbing doorknobs to get out, hiding food in boxes, opening windows to get in and opening refrigerators to eat food. Visit the website of animal planet channel at The cats has an innate sense of curiosity. It is aware of strange objects, contents of an open drawer and objects in motion. The cat or kitten, more than any other animal, is full of trepidations. The cat or kitten first puts a paw toward a new thing, touches it timidly, then proceeds more decisively, and only after that smells it, but the dog or puppy, curious to know the world, smells everything that comes its way. During World War I, cats were sent by the British army to sea to test submarines and some cats were sent to trenches to warn about gas attacks. Cats communicate their wants and needs to their owners. Cats can recognize their owner's mood. Sense of taste in cats is equivalent to human beings. Cats have the ability to use biological clock, earth's magnetic field and angle of sun. Out of all other mammals only cats have homing instinct. Cats can return back to their owners home from thousands of kilometers away without any help because of its sharp memory. Cats love their owner's home. A cat of USA returned back alone from New York to its owner's new home in California after walking a distance of two thousand three hundred miles without any help. A cat of USA named Sugar returned back alone from California to its owner home in Oklahoma after walking a distance of two thousand and four hundred kilometers without any help. A cat of USA named Ninja returned back alone from its owner's new home in Washington State to its owner's old home in Utah State after walking a distance of eight hundred fifty miles without any help. A cat returned back alone from Nievre in France to its owner's home in Stuttgart in south west Germany after walking a distance of about thousand kilometers without any help. Similarly a cat of England named Sooty returned back alone to its owner's old home after walking a distance of hundred miles without any help. A cat returned back alone to its owner's home after walking a distance of ninety miles without any help while another cat returned back alone to its owner's home after walking a distance of eighty miles without any help. Cats like to play games like chasing light, hide and seek and many ball games. Cats enjoy playing with toys and watching television. Many video cassettes specially designed for cats are now available in the market. The cat toys include action toys, toy mouse, soft toys, Ping-Pong balls, catnip toys, race n'chase, feather toys, kitten mitten and balls. Toys for cats are available at , and A CD-ROM game for cats that offers the computer literate cat eleven big game options, including virtual mice, spiders and birds that skitter around is now available at the internet site Cats are strongly attached to catnip. Catnip is strong scented mint that has whorls of small pale flowers in terminal spikes and contains a substance attractive to cats. The catnip is used in making many cat toys. For more information about cats visit the website Some outdoor cats themselves learn to cross traffic. Cats have also been employed in many glamorous jobs. Bob, the weather cat is regular on a television station in Oregon wore sunglasses on bright days and earmuffs and a scarf when the weather turned chilly. In England as recently as fifty years ago, thousands of cats were on the government payrolls, working in offices, barracks, workshops and on the docks. The National Printing Office of France has employed cats to protect its paper, as has the USA postal service. The Butchers, Bakers, Grocers, restaurant owners, book store owners, stationary owners and food industry owners keep pet cats in order to keep their premises free of rats. The amount of love that a mother cat provides to her kittens is highest as compared to all other animals. The stray female cat is excellent mother. Cat understands when the moment of giving birth is near. When the time of giving birth is near, the female cat begins to appear agitated and meows in a strange way, sweet and musical, a kind of request for help and response to what is approaching. The female cat try to give birth in a corner where she can eventually defend herself and newborn kittens from dogs and other animals. After giving birth the mother cat will immediately free each kitten from the sac, lick it, clean it and gently dry it. After giving birth, the female cat transfer her litter from one hiding place to another in order to protect it from dogs and other animals. The mother cat clean and feed the newborn kittens. The mother cat teach its kittens to play, to hunt, to climb, to clean and to use toilet. When living outdoors, the cat learns to protect itself from the cold and rain by taking refuge in a doorway basement or in abandoned box. When the end of life of cat is near, cat try to find a secluded spot in which to die with dignity, either under a bush, in the trunk of a tree or a crumbled hut so as not to disturb or be disturbed in the moment of the most quiet sleep. Many cats are now working in movies. Morris was the famous cat who worked on television. Cats specially wild cats like lion perform in circus. Toonces, a male cat was so much intelligent that he was able to actually drive car, truck and tractor. Toonces liked to ride bicycle. Toonces was also able to communicate in English by means of typing. Toonces worked in 1988 in NBC's Saturday Night Live in which he actually drove cars. Toonces was one of the most talented cats on television. Toonces worked at Saturday night live with many familiar celebrities. The television parents of Toonces were Saturday Night Live regulars Victoria Jackson and Dana Carvey. Toonces also worked at Saturday Night Live with many other co - stars like Steve Martin, Andrea Martin, Randy Quaid. Video film of Toonces driving car can be downloaded at the website oonces and at website www.whataboutcats/mpeg_toonces.html. Video film of toonces driving car is now available at For more information about Toonces visit website oonces.html and also visit website oonces.html . A cat named Pepper was a motion picture cat who starred next to the comedian Charlie Chaplin. Britain's best known television cat was Arthur. Arthur starred in more than three hundred television commercials between 1966 and 1975. Thomas Alva Edison Inc. manufacturing company of scientist Thomas Alva Edison earliest movies showed two cats fighting boxing in a ring. Many cats are now working in movies. Visit the movie cats page at According to news published in newspaper, in June 2001, a cat named Borris managed to order 450 cans of its favourite food on an internet shopping site when its owner was not looking. According to website of T.V Series of Animal Planet channel of Discovery channel, some cats also enjoy surfing the internet. A software to prevent the use of computer and internet by cats is now available at the website and at the website A book named Cats Into Everything by Bob Walker is now available at the website

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