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Are you planning to buy a used or a new hot tub spa? Make sure you look over the hot tub warranties carefully. Most spa warranties do not cover abuse of the spa. A good hot tub warranty gives you the protection you need against unexpected wear. To get some solid information on spa warranties, checkout this article.

So does it,Guest Posting does your hot tub have a solid warranty? If not, don’t buy it. That advice may or may not apply to a used hot tub, but a solid warranty is another good reason to buy new from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer than from the guy down the road looking to clear out his backyard.

All good manufacturers include hot tub warranties with their spas. They’re typically as good as the manufacturer, i.e., some are better than others. Therefore, your first question when buying a spa should be answered with a solid reputation. Styles, models, the number of jets, size, the number of guests who can be accommodated, accessories, these are all the more exciting questions and choices.

Just don’t forget to ask about the hot tub warranty. Read it. Yes, there are other documents more exciting. But you’ll come away feeling better about your purchase, you’ll be educated and you’ll be reminded that a hot tub warranty is a two-way contract. That’s right, you’ll have responsibilities too.

For instance, if you mutilate the innocent hot tub spa and fail to maintain it, you’ll void the warranty. If you use nasty chemicals other than the safe stuff recommended by the manufacturer to keep it clean, you’re risking your hot tub’s operation and may void the warranty.

But take reasonable care - hot tubs aren’t difficult to maintain - and your manufacturer will stand behind you for years if something goes wrong. How many years? It depends on the company. That's why it's smart to stick with a trusted name like Jacuzzi Hot Tubs. Of course, nothing is indestructible and we don’t know of a good warranty that lasts forever.

A good hot tub warranty will cover the equipment and controls, will assure that the plumbing doesn’t crack or leak, that the shell won’t leak and the surface won’t blister, peel, crack or delaminate.

Be sure to read the hot tub warranty exclusions. Acts of God and spurned spouses are excluded. A typical hot tub spa is intended for personal use and the use of the owner’s family, friends and private guests. So, you will find that hot tub warranties typically exclude commercial applications, just in case you were planning on charging your neighbor’s kids for the privilege and running a pay-per-splash rec center 24/7 to cover the cost. Not a good idea, not in the manufacturer’s eyes or the cash-strapped Parks & Recreation Department.

Good hot tub warranties will advise you to notify the manufacturer ASAP if anything does go wrong, and do everything you can to protect the spa from further damage. Be sure to keep your purchase receipt, your proof of purchase, so you can confirm to the dealer or manufacturer that you’re really the buyer. If you bought your hot tub spa in Las Vegas, and installed it in Park City, don’t expect the manufacturer to pay to have warranted parts shipped all the way over the mountains. The manufacturer is guaranteeing a good product, not the destination choice of the buyer.

Remember this: Good hot tub warranties are designed to encourage the buyer to take reasonable care, to assure the buyer that the manufacturer stands behind its product, and to give the buyer comfort. All the legalese aside, we’ll take the comfort of a hot bubbling spa from a good manufacturer, such as Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, over the comforting words of a good lawyer, any day.

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