History of the Fire Extinguishers

Mar 20


Ricky Hussey

Ricky Hussey

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The experts are still examining for the plausible explanations & the answers for the question that when a person was able to develop the capacity to make the fire. Meanwhile, there are some schools of thought quarrelling that the man did not invent the fire by himself but only captured the natural fires.

The explanation regarding that how & when a man got their first experience with the fire are varied but the scientists & experts thinks that the fire significantly improved the human lives.

Along with some advantages of the fire their come its perils. The drawbacks do not only include the damage to the property but also to the human casualty. The famous fire is that occurred in last few centuries confirm that how threatening the fires can be whenever it goes beyond the man's control. They include the San Francisco earthquake fire and the great fire of London. The San Francisco’s fire is the most terrible with the total of 300,000 structures were destroyed and around 3,000 of the people were killed.

Man had invented the fire extinguishers to keep the fires away from threatening their properties & their existence. Some of the interesting facts regarding the fire extinguisher are appended below:

- During 200 BC – Alexandrian’s found that it is necessary to deliver the water to the fire fast & without any delay. He invented the hand pump for this purpose.
- In The middle Ages - Squirts were invented & became popular against the fighting fire. Squirts are the fire fighting instruments that have the ability to apply the jets of water to the fires.
- In 1723 - French C Hoofer invented an automatic fire extinguisher.
- In 1819 - George William Mandy had invented the first version of modern portable the fire extinguisher.
- In 1866 - Francois Carlier invented an extinguisher with the cylinder containing mixture of water & bicarbonate & a separate bottle packed with the sulfuric acid.
- In 1881 - M. Granger invented the soda acid fire extinguisher.
- In 1905 - Alexander Laurant invented a chemical foam extinguisher.
- In 1912 - Carbon tetrachloride extinguishers were invented by Pyrene.
- In 1924 – Company named The Walter Kidde invented a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.
- In 1928 - The dry chemical extinguishers were invented by the Dugas.
- In 1940 - Germany invented the fire extinguisher which was designed for the use in the aircrafts. This extinguisher contained a liquid called chlorobromomethane.

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