How Much Can Your Landlord Charge You For A Security Deposit?

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State ... No ... ... Two months' rent, except where rent exceeds $2,000 per ... One and one-half months' rent (unless tenant ... agrees to pay ... Two

State Limit

Alabama No statutory limit

Alaska Two months' rent,Guest Posting except where rent exceeds $2,000 per month

Arizona One and one-half months' rent (unless tenant voluntarily agrees to pay more)

Arkansas Two months' rent

California Two months' rent (unfurnished, no waterbed); two and one-half months' rent (unfurnished, tenant has waterbed); three months' rent(furnished, no waterbed); three and one-half months' rent (furnished, tenant has waterbed)

Colorado No statutory limit

Connecticut Two months' rent (tenant under 62 years of age); one month's rent (tenant 62 years of age or older)

Delaware One month's rent on leases for one year or more; no limit for month-to-month rental agreements

District of Columbia One month's rent

Florida No statutory limit

Georgia No statutory limit

Hawaii One month's rent

Idaho No statutory limit

Illinois No statutory limit

Indiana No statutory limit

Iowa Two months' rent

Kansas One month's rent (unfurnished, no pets); one and one-half months' rent (unfurnished with pets or furnished with no pets)

Kentucky No statutory limit

Louisiana 30 days' rent

Maine Two months' rent

Maryland Two months' rent or $50, whichever is greater

Massachusetts Two months' rent

Michigan One and one-half months' rent

Minnesota No statutory limit

Mississippi No statutory limit

Missouri Two months' rent

Montana No statutory limit

Nebraska One month's rent (no pets); one and one-quarter months' rent (pets)

Nevada Three months' rent

New Hampshire One month's rent or $100, whichever is greater; no limit when landlord and tenant share facilities

New Jersey One and one-half month's rent

New Mexico One month's rent (for rental agreement less than one year); no limit for leases of one year or more

New York No statutory limit (for non-regulated units)

North Carolina One and one-half months' rent for month-to-month rental agreements; two months' rent if term is longer than two months

North Dakota One month's rent (or $1,500 if tenant has a pet)

Ohio No statutory limit

Oklahoma No statutory limit

Oregon No statutory limit

Pennsylvania Two months' rent for first year of renting; one month's rent during the second and subsequent years of renting

Rhode Island One month's rent

South Carolina No statutory limit

South Dakota One month's rent (higher deposit may be charged if special conditions pose a danger to maintenance of the premises)

Tennessee No statutory limit

Texas No statutory limit

Utah No statutory limit

Vermont No statutory limit

Virginia Two months' rent

Washington No statutory limit

West Virginia No statutory limit

Wisconsin No statutory limit

Wyoming No statutory limit

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