Selective Details About A Hydromassage For Athletics

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Do you know what a hydromassage is? Many different types of athletes use them. What benefits do they get from this type of massage? If you ever try this hydromassage spa, you’ll be hooked. The hydromassage spa has special jets that creating great massages. This spa will help prepare you for your next athletic event. To discover what this spa can really do for you, read this article.

Whether you’re a professional athlete,Guest Posting a serious amateur, or the occasional exerciser, hydromassage offers proven benefits. Not until modern times, however, has hydromassage become so easily available to regular folks, thanks to the portable hot tub and spa industry.

There isn’t a professional football, basketball, baseball or hockey team in America that doesn’t make hydrotherapy available to players as part of their warm-down regimen. Hydromassage often becomes part of the warm-up routine, too, as the massaging jets relax and rejuvenate the body’s muscles.

Several biophysical activities are at work here. Heated water raises the body temperature, causing blood vessels to expand to improve circulation, moving oxygen and nutrients to muscles faster and removing waste like carbon dioxide more quickly.

Add to that the massaging qualities of high-performance jets that can be targeted, by design or body positioning, to specifics points of the body that require either pain relief, pressure stimulation or both. The combination often results in less stress, relieved soreness, fewer pain symptoms, rejuvenation and increased energy. And more often than not, a hydromassage spa results in better sleep, a much appreciated if sometimes overlooked benefit for every athlete.

Golf is an especially popular sport for seasoned amateurs because it avoids the high-impact demands of baseball, basketball or football. Hydromassage for older athletes is helpful because it relieves symptoms of arthritis, whether in the hands, arms or shoulders - which can take a beating in golf - or in the back, hips or lower extremities. Hydromassage improves range of motion.

Of course, if you’ve injured yourself in any activity, please consult your doctor, but don’t be surprised if she or he prescribes hydromassage.

Marathoners and casual runners, like cyclists, swear by hydromassage because it targets calves, knees and feet.

Are you familiar reflexology, which provide healing and comforting sensations to the feet? It’s an ancient healthcare art of the Chinese and Egyptians that applies deep pressure to “reflex points” or pressure points in the hands and feet. Pressure applied to these specific points causes relaxation and comfort in other parts of the body. The feet alone contain more than 7,000 nerve endings. In the Sundance Spas line of hot tubs, “Reflexology foot domes” are precisely positioned to massage pressure points of the feet. High-performance jets for the wrists and hands loosen tension and reduce the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Is hydromassage therapy a drug-free performance enhancer? Think of it this way: Will you perform better if you’re more relaxed, less stressed and less pained before a game? Will you perform better next time if, after a game, you can ease stress and quickly relieve pain? And if you emerge from hydromassage refreshed, rejuvenated and tingling all over? It’s a game-changer.

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