Types Of Fire Extinguisher And Its Categorization

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The use of the Fire extinguishers began in the seventeenth century. At that time it was first used by the druggists. They were earlier just a small thing at that time but with the passage of time fire extinguishers became very popular and these petty or rather small inventions got great importance as there effectiveness to stop fire was very good.

The persons started to work on these equipments and with the passage of time these extinguishers got full throttle and fame all around the globe. These fire extinguishers were categorized so as to know what kind of fire extinguisher would be effective on what sort of fire. There is no as such a universal fire extinguisher as sometimes a wrong category of fire extinguisher can increase the fire rather than stopping it.

There are various general types of fire extinguishers which can be used in our daily routine this means that such category of extinguishers are effective in the routine type of fires. The two types of categories that can be used in general are the class A and class B. The class A is used to extinguish the fire caused by the materials such as wood,Guest Posting paper, and other general things as the fire in the camps. The category B is used to extinguish the fire caused by the highly flammable products such as various petroleum products like mobile oil, kerosene etc. And if you want to open a new shop then both of such categories of extinguishers are the right choice and the best fitted in the existing circumstances.

Some of the other categories of the extinguishers are also available in the market which are not helpful or rather they are not used in the general kind of fire caused by the wood or papers or petrol but such type of extinguishers are used in the labs so as to control the fire caused by the chemicals in the labs because many of the chemicals react aggressively against such fire and the type is know as category D. There is another category of the fire extinguishers know as class C and such extinguishers are used to control the fire caused due to electrical nature products.

The most important thing which is to be always kept in mind or not to be forgotten at all is to purchase the right category of fire extinguishers for you as the wrong kind of fire extinguisher may even worsen the accident by enhancing the fire rather than decreasing.

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