A Review of Offshore Credit Cards

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Not before long the standard offshore investor was not allowed to use a credit card. However, things have changed recently. While before individuals with offshore bank accounts had to withdraw money from their banks or have money wired back to them, nowadays they offer offshore cards with benefits of a Visa or MasterCard credit cards. With them offshore institutions can give their investors not only more flexibility, but also more convenience. The offshore credit cards have all the features of a regular credit card and are accepted worldwide. They provide features such as insurance, car rentals, cash replacements, long distance calling cards and cash advances.

When you have an offshore credit card you receive a monthly statement and internet access to your account just as it is with the traditional credit cards. Another similarity between the two types of credit cards a traditional one and an offshore one is that they both require minimum payment and can carry a balance forward to the next month. Despite these similarities,Guest Posting there are also significant differences between an offshore credit card and a domestic one. Most offshore institutions require investors to put down a security deposit along with their application, thus these cards are called secured offshore credit cards. They don't require a credit check. In order to increase a credit line, investors should increase their security deposit.

There are two ways to do this - by dollar draft or money wiring. The main difference between an offshore credit card and a traditional is that the first is a line of credit which is secured with the investors own transferable money. That's why most offshore institutions call this type of cards "offshore credit card with benefits of a Visa or MasterCard." Even though there are certain restrictions, offshore banks and institutions are associated with islands, foreign locations and are often related to illegal activity such as underground economy, organized crime, tax evasion and money laundering. After the September 11th 2001 there have been more regulations on international finance.

Generally when applying for an offshore credit card you need a security deposit, properly filled application form, a trust agreement with a personal security code, a notarized form of identification, a passport, an address confirmation bill, and a letter from your bank, lawyer or accountant. Quite many, isn't it? It might seem that it is quite hard to get such a card. This is because offshore credit cards are not meant for ordinary people. Offshore credit card holders are travelling individuals, corporate entities, and people who deal with international financing. Dont sign up for an offshore credit card unless your business requires international finance. In that case only you will be making a good investment by getting one of these not traditional credit cards.

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