All Motor Vehicles are Required to Have Arizona State Car Insurance

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According to the Arizona Department of Transportation,Guest Posting the state requires insurance coverage for all motor vehicle driven or operated on the Arizona roadways pursuant to the legislated law on financial responsibility. The minimum liability insurance limits are $15,000 for injuries to one person, $30,000 for injuries of two or more persons, and $10,000 to cover for damage to property, resulting from an accident. Those who drive their cars or other vehicles in Arizona are aware of the potential dangers of the road which could easily lead to an accident. Hence, it is of prime importance that the car has the necessary insurance coverage.


The Arizona state law mandates that both the vehicle owner and the insurance company provide and submit proof of car insurance from accredited insurance providers in Arizona, within one month after the initial car registration. The law also requires insurance companies to regularly provide information to the Motor Vehicles Division or MVD in terms of all cancellations, new issuance, and renewals of insurance policies of all motor vehicles.


While each state in the country may have different accepted levels of financial responsibility, all states require compliance with this car registration or renewal of registration requirement, which is the need to present proof of financial responsibility when processing the renewal of car registration or driver’s license. Without car insurance, the registration process may be suspended or disapproved. When driving around Arizona, police officers may ask for proof of insurance at random checking. Arizona state car insurance and private insurance companies are mandated by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the Department of Transportation to notify the division of all insurance policy non-renewals, cancellations, and new policies. Once MVD receives notification from the insurance company that your policy has not been renewed, MVD will communicate with the motorists to inquire about the status of their car insurance.


With the advent of technology and internet, drivers and vehicle owners will not have any valid argument on why they failed to renew their policies. The ease of processing a policy renewal can be done online and there are several Arizona auto insurance online offering the service. If your vehicle registration and driver’s license are suspended because of your failure to keep the required insurance for the car, reinstating the privileges will be more costly for the car owner or the driver. MVD will require presentation of “future proof of financial responsibility” from the car owner who wants the reinstatement of the suspended registration. The required “future proof of responsibility” is what insurance Arizona state car insurance companies call as SR22 form. The law requires that the vehicle owner carry the SR 22 for three years from the date of suspension. 


Vehicles with out-of-state insurance will not be accepted in Arizona. The law requires that all motor vehicles that are registered in Arizona must carry the proper insurance coverage from Arizona auto insurance online or offline companies. For out-of-state Arizona residents, however, they may submit a De-Insured Certificate on their vehicle, on a temporary basis. De-insurance is the process of temporarily freezing the insurance policy of the vehicle that is not ready to be operated on or driven back on the road again. The vehicle with a De-Insured Certificate will not be suspended for lack of insurance. 





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