Different Types of Auto Insurance Plans

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After purchasing the car whether old or new, the next thing you want is to insure your car and it necessary to do that if you want to live in a tension free life. Statistic shows that almost every people who have car but even if he don’t know to drive it have taken the auto insurance policy.

Auto insurance companies provide the different insurance coverage’s that help you in the case of accidents or anything other such as physical injury or property damage. As from above discussion we understand that it is very important to have auto insurance backup to help you in such cases.

 Auto insurance policy is of three types first one is liability coverage,Guest Posting second one is physical damage coverage and third one is uninsured motorist coverage. These three types of coverage’s have different implementation and importance but they all come under auto insurance plan. These coverage’s have different auto insurance quotes depending on the states. The most common type of coverage is the liability coverage which covers all property damage and bodily injury that occurs to other. All the medical expenses for the treatment of person that get injured by your car are pay by this plan. Another area that is cover by this plan is the property damage that means when any of the part of your car such as gate, window or any other thing is damaged during the accident will be paid by the liability insurance coverage.

 The second type of coverage is physical coverage and it is divided into two main categories which are known as comprehensive coverage’s and collision coverage’s. Comprehensive coverage’s provide the coverage when your vehicle is damaged due to natural disasters or robbery or any other cause except accidents. Collision insurance covers the coverage of your car if you collide with the other vehicle and where you are the culprit or victim.

Uninsured motorist coverage is the third type of auto insurance plan. Property or physical Damage that is caused by you and your entire family will be cover by this auto insurance plan this means that if your car is damaged by an motorist who is uninsured will also be cover by this auto insurance plan. This auto insurance plan is categorized into four plans such as the under-insured motorist damage, uninsured motorist property damage, the under-insured motorist coverage and the uninsured motorist coverage. All your expenses on your car will be cover by these plans.   

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