Finding The Right Insurance Salvage Auto Auction

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If you're in the market and looking for a car,Guest Posting consider buying a car from an insurance salvage auto auction. These cars have been declared "total losses" by insurance companies, meaning that owners of these vehicles have been paid off for those vehicles after some kind mishap, such as an accident or theft. The insurance company wants to make some money on these "salvage" cars, and so they put them up for auction to try to recoup some losses.

Types of cars you can find an insurance salvage auto auction

Although many of these cars are cars that have been involved in accidents, many insurance salvage auto auction cars have been stolen, such that owners have been paid for them by the insurance company, and then they've been found. These cars are often in good shape, but are still considered "total losses" by insurance companies, since owners have already collected the insurance proceeds from them. Other cars have indeed been involved in accidents or have been the objects of vandalism, etc., in which case they'll need some work to become roadworthy again.

Either way, you can find good deals on these cars at an insurance salvage auto auction. You can look for cars in good shape if you're not a "fix-it person," although be aware that these cars come "as is," and will not be eligible for return if something is wrong with them. That said, auctions must disclose current vehicles' conditions completely, so that you'll know exactly what's wrong with a particular car before you choose to bid on it.

Finding the right Insurance salvage auto auction

Increasingly, people are participating in online insurance salvage auto options, with popular sites such as eBay getting in on the action. This can be a good idea, but you should make sure the car is local enough to you that you can go pick it up. Having it shipped to you would be prohibitively expensive. There are also local auctions held all the time across the country.

Simply type the key words "insurance salvage auto auction" and your location into your favorite search engine, and you should come up with a number of local insurance salvage auto auctions that are coming up on the calendar. Most of these auctions are open to the public, although some will need preregistration requirements if you want to attend. If you do go to a local insurance salvage auto auction, make sure you get there early so that you can have your pick of cars; getting there too late means that good cars may already have been sold, so that your pickings are pretty slim.

Although cars' conditions are declared completely upfront if they're in an auction so that you know exactly the condition of the car you're getting, it's still a good idea if you can to go see the car before you bid on it. This can be a drawback if you participate in an online auction without seeing the car first, since you'll have the car and must pay for it immediately to take possession; once you've bought the car, you can't return it.

Ways to save money with an insurance salvage auto auction

As stated previously, an insurance salvage auto auction can be a great way to get a good car in good to great condition for a very low price. That said, you can also buy cars that have relatively minor things wrong with them for a very cut rate price; fix the relatively minor problem (especially if you're handy at fixing cars), and you've got a perfectly good car that you paid very little for.

Finally, it's a good idea if you're interested in buying insurance salvage auto auction cars to go to a couple of auctions just to see what they're like before you go to one where you're actually going to bid. That way, you can be aware of what's involved with buying an insurance auto auction car before you actually do. And make sure you've got the money on you if you do intend to buy; insurance auto auction cars always sell for cash up front, no credit and no returns.

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