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The Life insurance policy is a protection against death of an insured individual. An individual pays for the life insurance policy for his or her life. If the individual fails to pay the premium, then the benefit of the insurance is reduced by the amount, which is not paid inclusive of its interest.

The life insurance policy is also known as whole life insurance policy and permanent life insurance policy. The insurance providing companies invest the premiums paid by insurance holders in real estate and stocks to generate the value of cash obtained.


There are many types of life insurance policies. Some of these are participating,Guest Posting non-participating, indeterminate, single premium, limited pay and economic life insurance policies. You may select among these life insurance policies by comparing their free insurance quotes.

1.    Participating Life Insurance Policy:

In this type of life insurance policy, the insurance provider shares the profit from investing premiums with their insurance policy holders. Thus, you will have more incentives with the increasing success of the insurance providing company.

2.    Non-Participating Life Insurance Policy:

In this type, the insurance company does not share their profits obtain by investment of premiums with their insurance holders. The surrender value, premiums and benefits after deaths are fixed and these will not be changed in any circumstances. Thus, if the company experiences losses in investment, then the company will pay the benefits from their pocket, while if the company is benefited with the investment, then the company will keep the profit by itself.

3.    Economic Life insurance Policy:

This type is a combination of life insurance policy and participating type. In this type, the bonus offered by company is in the form of extra repayment in life insurance. It is advisable to compare the free insurance quotes of different companies providing this type of life insurance policy.


Majority of the families purchase the permanent life insurance policy, as it has longer coverage period as well as highest benefits. Other benefits of life insurance policy are an individual is able to live his or her life even without any trouble after losing their loved-ones. The repayment helps to clear off debts and to generate sufficient income for their children’s education. Before purchasing any life insurance policy, it is important to check their free insurance quotes. You may obtain the free life insurance quotes from the official website of the insurance providing company or you may ask for free insurance quotes to the authorities of insurance company.

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