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Are you shopping for Canada Mortgage? Discover basic information you need to provide a lender. You will need proof of income. If you have a low credit score, you can improve it. Brokers will review your Total Debt Service Ratio. Learn more about a Canada Mortgage in this article. This article will provide you the information you need.

Many people who are looking for a mortgage loan may think that they can only get it at an official Canadian bank. The truth is,Guest Posting there are only 5 major banks in Canada while there are over 70 lenders that can provide you with many choices.

The banks want to keep this a secret. As a matter of fact, the mortgage rates that lenders offer are far more competitive than those at most major banks such as BMO, CIBC, RBC, TD and Scotia. While consumers do not enjoy the lender’s mortgage rates, the certified mortgage brokers do.

With just one touch of a button, the Canadian brokers have access to lenders themselves or the sources, allowing them the opportunity to research mortgage rates and services and products.

For a person who wants to have the best mortgage rate doing the research himself would take more than a year to visit all 70 lenders. On the other hand, a mortgage broker can do the task in just a few hours, because they have online access to such information, hence; they can save you time, money and effort.

The banks may only offer between 5 and 6 different products and rates including New to Canada, Fix rates, Closed Mortgages, Open mortgages, No Income Mortgages and Variable Rate Mortgages. To keep themselves competitive towards the major banks, the 70 lenders offer between 10 and 15 products. However, not all products and services are applicable to every client.

The problem is how can you find the ideal mortgage product and rate without researching all the lenders. As their profession, mortgage brokers glimpse hastily through the complex nature of mortgages for their clients, making it difficult for their client to differentiate the difference among 70 lender’s mortgage products and rates. Hence, it will be virtually impossible for the clients to figure out the ideal mortgage.

With software, mortgage brokers search for mortgage products that can be useful for you. This gives you quick and accurate information. Then you can decide which lender fits your financial condition and requirements.

Any bank in Canada will tell you that private mortgage lenders would love to work with people who have bad credit, because they can charge them higher fees. Most banks will not give you a loan if you have bad credit.

A private mortgage lending service works will all sorts of people. In contrast, many private mortgage lenders do not charge a fee for their services. The banks on the other hand do.

By offering all services to customers regardless of their credit score, Canadian Mortgage lenders help their customers save money, which creates good customer relations. In the end, such good service earns lenders more clients through referrals.

There are many lending opportunities that are not as expensive as what most major banks offer. Through the official Canadian banking system, people can enjoy reasonable mortgage rates. The only thing people need to do is to visit a private mortgage broker and discuss with him the available options.

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