How to Get Car Insurance Quote without Personal Information

Dec 4


Ricky Hussey

Ricky Hussey

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When you go online to get the auto insurance you are generally asked to provide your personal information. But you can get auto insurance without providing personal information.

Most of the people are hesitant to give their personal information as they are afraid that their information might be used for some wrong purpose. When you go to the sites of the company they generally ask for the personal information that some people don’t find comfortable to lend as there are chances that anyone can use it for the wrong purpose.

As disclosing the personal information is attached with the risk hence,How to Get Car Insurance Quote without Personal Information Articles people don’t like disclosing it. To get the quotes online there is not necessary to give your information. You can get the quotes without disclosing your personal details. You must be aware that there are sites that don’t ask for the personal data. There are many sites available online that just ask for the basic information like your name, DOB, your contact number, vehicle information, driving record. This basic information is required by some sites that can help them to give you the quote on the basis of this information. Some personal information like the social security number, license number of the driver is not asked by some websites.

One thing to be considered while getting insurance quotes online avoid going for the websites that ask your personal information. Once you go the website you will be given a form. Select the state where you belong and then you’ll be provided with a questionnaire. Fill that form and then you’ll be provided with the quote according to your requirement. Car insurance quote without personal information is provided by most of the companies online. If you want to get the quote in a more detailed way than you have to disclose your license number and the security number as it will let them know about your driving history.

 However, you are not keen on disclosing your personal information than you must settle for less detailed information. Some personal information is required as a proof by these sites. Most of the sites don’t use your personal information for the wrong purpose. Make sure that the company to which you’re providing your personal information is a reputed one. The sites take care of the information that you provide. For more surety you can also go through the privacy policy of the insurance site.

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