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In case you suffer from an accident, the first thing you would do is file you auto insurance claim to your insurance company or to the drivers insurance company. Once you have claimed, the claim representatives, the insurance adjuster or even the claims adjuster would contact you.

Here comes the trickiest part when the questionnaire starts. These people come in basically to get all the information about the accident. These people investigate if you are eligible to claim for the policy. They gather the facts. Investigate the whole incident and decide the value of your claim. After this is done,Guest Posting if everything goes in your favor they pay you. Although this process is not very complicated but yet a bit difficult for the first timers. Hence you should be well aware of what kind of car insurance questions you can come across, how you need to reply them so that the decision process for these representatives becomes easier.

The questions by your insurance adjuster and the adjuster of the other drivers’ insurance company would rather be similar. They would like to know what exactly happened, who all were involved, damage caused and injury caused. They would like to know if there were any witnesses to the whole incident or not. They would ask for a copy of the police report and contact details for the witnesses.

The kind of queries one would go through would include what happened in the accident, who was the driver, where did the accident occur, number of passengers in the vehicle and their details, any report was filed or not, which vehicles were involved, their details, what part of the vehicles were damaged, witnesses to the accident and their contact details, and insurance of other party and its details. Beyond all these there would be some other questions which may be different for different companies. Your company would like to know if you had any injuries or not if they responsible for paying your medical bills. They would not pay for your lost wages.

In case you are being questioned by an agent of the other party’s insurance company they would certainly try to keep your car insurance. This is because if their insured party proves out to be at fault they would have to pay expenses for your damage and injuries. The situation gets tricky over here. Even if you are not guilty and the other party is at fault, you will be forcefully questioned in such a way so that in the whole accident their applicant comes out faultless. Hence it is necessary to consider what you are saying. On their part they would certainly try to minimize your claim from their company.

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