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Every state in the country has a policy or law with respect to car registration and car insurance. The state of Colorado is no exception to that,Guest Posting and Colorado law requires vehicle owners who register their vehicles in Colorado to keep continuous financial responsibility. Different from other states, there are only two options for financial responsibility in the state of Colorado – through self-service insurance which is issued to a vehicle owner of 25 or more vehicles under his name, and through liability insurance coverage which is the more popular choice of many drivers and vehicle owners since only a few own that many vehicles to earn the self-service insurance.


But like the other states, Colorado has established the state’s minimum requirements for liability insurance – bodily injury coverage of $25,000 per person, bodily injury per accident in the amount of $50,000, and property damage coverage of $15,000 per accident. And this applies to all licensed motor vehicles mandated to have insurance. This does not include ATVs or all-terrain vehicles, boats, private planes, snowmobiles or go-karts. And while the state has established its minimum requirements, motor vehicle owners are not restricted to such minimums and instead can buy Colorado car insurance with additional coverage for maximum financial protection. Additional coverage may result to a higher insurance premiums but it is better to have that added protection to make sure that you are covered financially in case of a serious accident which is your fault.


Colorado state laws also require proof of insurance before any car can be registered with the Colorado Motor Vehicle Registration Division. The law also requires insurance companies to submit a list of names of people with insurance and those who failed to renew their insurance. This is done on a monthly basis and therefore Motor Vehicle Registration Division of Colorado has a monthly updated insurance database. Hence, there is no way that insurance information or details cannot be verified regardless if it’s cheap auto insurance in Colorado or a comprehensive and more than adequate insurance from Colorado insurance companies.


There are several Colorado car insurance providers that offer reasonable premium rates as they have certain criteria which affect the premium rate – anything from type of car, low mileage, quality of driving, etc. These companies often offer rate discounts to make the insurance premiums affordable. It’s one thing to get cheap auto insurance in Colorado because the accident rate for most of the cities in the state is low. Colorado’s low density of people and large open spaces contribute to such low accident rate.


While law enforcement officials have direct access to the updated insurance database from the Motor Vehicle Registration Division, motor vehicle owners and drivers are required to present one of the following – a certificate of self-insurance, an insurance ID issued by the insurance company, or a letter from the insurance company typed on the company letterhead. And to emphasize the importance of having proof of insurance, the state of Colorado considers the offense a misdemeanor which comes with penalties including a minimum fine of $500, four points added to the driver’s driving record, and a possible suspension for first offenders; a minimum penalty of $1,000 and suspension for four months for second-time offenders; and for the third offense, a minimum penalty of $1,000 plus a community service and suspension for eight months.

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