Reasons for Expensive Car Insurance for Young Drivers

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It is very unlucky that the young drivers who fall in the age group of 18 to 25 years have to pay significantly very high price to get their car insurance than the people who are not in this age group.

Since,Guest Posting age and related risk of accident is also a factor which is keep in mind before determining the cost of insurance premium, therefore, car insurance for young drivers is many times exaggerated to an unaffordable limit.

Because of various alarming statistics, cost of car insurance has been increased for young drivers. According to a statistics, one of every five drivers meets with an accident within six months in Europe. It has also been found that the young drivers between age 18 and 25 have more probability of being involved in an accident than a 30 year old driver. Research also shows that the young drivers falling in the age group of 17 to 20 years are seven times more prone to taking risks than other drivers. And between the time periods of 2am to 6am, there is seventeen times more risk of these drivers involved in an accident.

Car insurance for male young drivers is more costly than it is for female young drivers. This is due to the fact that males spend their more time in driving than females, hence has more risk of accident. The other reason for getting car insurance for young drivers at very high price is the fact that the young drivers are over confident. Young people have a wrong feeling that no one can defeat them. This feeling encourages them to take unnecessary risks which cause accidents. Also, they are inexperienced, which increases their probability of taking risks and their lifestyle habit is also another factor for taking risks. These are various studies and researches which lead to increase in price of car insurance for young drivers.

So, sadly, the safest young drivers also have to pay hefty amount of premium for car insurance because of the factors taken in account by insurance companies before determining the premium price. Fortunately, by doing certain things, young drivers can lower their premium cost of insurance. They can go for a smaller engine capacity. It will save both their road tax as well as insurance cost and also limit mileage. One other thing that a young driver can do to lower insurance cost is to undergo an advanced test of driving after clearing standard test.

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