State Laws Require OH Car Insurance for Every Motor Vehicle

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Financial responsibility is foremost in the minds of the people in Ohio as they implement strict laws on car insurance. As in other states,Guest Posting it is illegal in Ohio to drive any car or motor vehicle without proof of financial responsibility (FR) or insurance. It is likewise illegal for any owner of any motor vehicle to let another person to driver his or her vehicle without proof of financial responsibility. There are two ways FR compliance can be achieved. One is by maintaining insurance and the other is to get a bond. The State of Ohio requires that a motor vehicle owner carries automobile insurance with Property Damage Liability Coverage and Bodily Liability Coverage; a car liability insurance policywhich comes with an insurance card issued by the insurer for a motor vehicle or car insured in Ohio; and a Financial Responsibility certificate of proof on the form issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) of Ohio.


The minimum requirement for bodily injury liability insurance is in the amount of $12,500 for every person injured per accident and $25,000 for all persons injured per accident. On the other hand the minimum requirement for property damage liability insurance is $7,500 for injury to or damage to property of others per accident. Several providers of cheap car insurance in Ohio may be able to offer you this minimum coverage requirement. However, it will be wise and safe to be specifically clear about the coverage inclusions of the car insurance to make sure you have the needed protection and compliance with Ohio law.


Some motor vehicle owners elect to get OH car insurance which is more than the minimum requirement since having additional coverage would protect you from incurring financial losses and losing assets if they caused a serious accident. Without adequate insurance coverage, the law has provisions that allow the accident victim to take assets of the vehicle owner in order to cover the costs of injuries or damages that resulted from the accident. So, motor vehicle owners might as well buy cheap car insurance in Ohiowith more than the minimum coverage required. 


Ohio is one of the states that have the lowest car insurance rates and most of the insurance companies in Ohio will be able to offer affordable auto insurance premiums and reasonable payment terms. In all likelihood, motor vehicle owners can find an OH car insurance that can offer coverage more than the minimum required which is within their budget and financial capability. Motor vehicle owners should realize the importance of having adequate coverage as they stand to lose their assets or properties if their coverage limits cannot cover the medical bills and repair costs for properties damaged.


The state law in Ohio allows four alternatives to car insurance. Instead of buying car insurance, motor vehicle owners may opt to get a certificate issued by the BMV that will indicate that the amount of $30,000.00 is deposited with the office of Ohio’s State Treasurer; a certificate of bond issued by the BMV corresponding to $30,000.00 signed by two individuals owning real estate with at least $60,000.00 equity; a certificate of insurance issued by BMV to an individual with more than 25 motor vehicles registered under his name or a company’s name; and a $30,000.00 bond issued by an authorized insurance or surety company. 


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