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EMI or Elderly Mentally Infirm Care homes are facilities that specialize in caring for older people who suffer from mental problems associated with old age such as dementia.

The term EMI Care Homes is used in the United Kingdom where it refers to homes that are licensed by the government to care for such people. In the United States and Canada the term nursing home is used.

There is no special name or designation for nursing homes that care for older people with problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in North America. Although there are many nursing homes that specialize in the care of such individuals.

If you are looking for a facility to care for an older person with a condition like dementia you will have to contact nursing homes directly and ask if they specialize in such care. It is usually best to locate a facility that has experience in dealing with older people who are mentally infirm.

A good way to learn which facilities are available in your area is to check with government agencies and groups that deal with the elderly. State and local health departments regulate nursing homes and can sometimes give you inform about them.

In some parts of the United States religious organizations such as the Roman Catholic Church run residential facilities for the elderly similar to EMI care homes. These faith based facilities often offer free or reduced cost care to the elderly poor.

An excellent alternative to traditional EMI care homes is to find a community that combines apartment and other traditional residential housing options with an EMI care facility. Such communities often called retirement or senior communities allow an older person to live independently in an apartment while getting EMI Care.

If the older person’s condition deteriorates to the point where they can no longer live alone they can move to the EMI care home. Such communities are often cheaper than traditional nursing homes.

Another advantage to such a community is that if the person’s condition improves they can move back into their home. Yet they will still have full EMI care available and trained professionals to look after them if necessary.

It is best to let the older person visit several EMI care homes and make the decision of where to go for themselves. Allowing someone to make their own decision will make a painful choice easier. 

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