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Hard Bodies Personal Training Located in Manhattan, NY Constant maintenance of proper blood pressure ...

Hard Bodies Personal Training Located in Manhattan,Guest Posting NY Constant maintenance of proper blood pressure is definitely not an easy task to do. These days, a lot of people suffer and even die due to the abnormally high pressure of blood in the blood stream. High blood pressure nowadays actually affects many adults and most of them are not even aware of it. A person is considered hypertensive (individual with high blood pressure) when two or more consecutive readings of blood pressure is above 140/90 mmHg. Experiencing this kind of condition or disease is very difficult for us to handle. Aside from the risks it can cause our health, treating high blood pressure is also very expensive due to the various types of medications needed in order to maintain normal blood pressure readings. Fortunately, there are already different types of natural blood pressure reducers that we can use. But what are the examples of these and how can we use them? Natural Blood Pressure Reducing Methods or Products Personal trainer NYC say there actually a lot of things that we can use in order to effectively reduce our blood pressure within the normal limits. Doing these effective methods can help not only in saving money but as well as in preventing the condition from worsening. Below are some of the things that we can do or use in order to help reduce high blood pressure as fast and as easily as possible. Personal trainers NYC will change lifestyle is considered one of the major things that can affect our health big time. Our action and our routine can actually reflect the status of our health. By modifying our lifestyle into something healthier, we can also make sure that our blood pressure will be maintained within the normal range. This change in lifestyle includes losing weight, exercising and removing all the vices in life like smoking and drinking. Becoming more active in our daily routine can help burn fats and reduce cholesterol in the body. These things can actually promote, which can be very dangerous to our health. Aside from these things, adapting a healthier lifestyle can also help reduce stress from our body. Stress is also a factor that can lead to the increase of blood pressure. According to the American Society of Hypertension, doses of soothing or relaxing music for half an hour every day can help lower down the blood pressure. Other relaxation techniques such as yoga and transcendental meds can also be useful in lowering down the pressure of the blood. Acquiring sufficient sleep at night (at least 6 to 8 hours) can also help reduce stress thus causing the risks of hypertension to reduce. Personal training NYC will agree Sodium or salt is already proven by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition as a main factor in causing the increase of blood pressure in the body. Because of this, it is important to reduce the intake of salt and other foods that are high in sodium content in order to prevent the possibility of hypertension. Addition of Potassium in the Diet - Potassium is a type of mineral that is useful for the contraction of the different muscles in our body. Aside from this, potassium us also effective in reducing blood pressure. This is the reason why including potassium rich foods like banana, spinach, beet greens, lentils, soybeans and tomato sauce in the diet can be effective in preventing hypertension. Aside from these foods, potatoes are also known to be good sources of potassium. Potatoes also contain a specific blood pressure lowering compound known as kukoamines. Although these can also be seen in tomatoes, kukoamines are greatly acquired from potatoes. Increase of Magnesium Intake - Magnesium is also another type of mineral that can be helpful in controlling the blood pressure. Increasing this mineral in the diet can help in reducing the risks of stroke and pre-eclampsia, which are different health conditions that are associated with high blood pressure. Some of the foods that are rich in magnesium include brown rice, spinach, milk, almonds and hazelnuts. Increase of Calcium in the Diet - Just like potassium and magnesium, calcium is also a mineral that is effective in lowering down the blood pressure. Calcium can be seen in foods like cheese, yogurt, Chinese cabbage and broccoli. Stevia (Sweet herb) - This particular herb is also known to lower high blood pressure. However, this is only available as a dietary supplement in the US. This herb is great for the diet since it contains no calories and carbohydrates. Adding Omega 3 Fatty Acids in the Diet - Alpha Linolenic Acid or ALA is a type of Omega 3 fatty acid that is found in foods like walnuts, flaxseeds, soybeans and canola oils. This is a great substance in reducing the blood pressure in our body. Aside from this, other types of omega 3 fatty acids in the name of docosahexaenoic acid or DHA and Eicosapentaenoic Acid of EPA are also helpful in controlling the blood pressure. These fatty acids are usually seen in cold water fish sources such as salmon, tuna, herring and mackerel. Vitamin E and Garlic Supplements - Vitamin E is also an effective vitamin in lowering down the blood pressure. Other vitamins that are considered essential for the maintenance of blood pressure are vitamins C, B5, B6 and as well as folic acid. Garlic is a spice that is also proven to control the pressure of the blood within the normal limits. This is the reason why garlic is now being made as supplement that can help in blood pressure reduction.

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