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When you have a parent or loved one that is getting older it can be a little scary.  Questions about what may happen and what must me done start to develop. It can be difficult to know what kind of care to provide or to seek.  It is important to be sure to select care that is specific to the condition as not all of the ailments of age have the same therapy and a nursing home isn’t always the answer.

Dementia is one such condition that needs specific treatment and when you select Healthcare EMI Care you can be sure that you have. 

Dementia and its related conditions like Alzheimer’s require care and an environment that is specified for their symptoms.  The risks of someone who suffers from dementia are not the same as a person that is disabled from a stroke for example.  Confusion and forgetfulness make it easy for a sufferer of dementia to get lost.  Floor plans must be made simple to combat this and outdoor access needs to be secure to prevent straying from the premises.  These are not concerns that patients suffering strokes or heart attacks in traditional nursing homes face.  The facilities are not designed with this problem in mind and the staff may not be specifically trained for the issues of dementia sufferers. 

Unfortunately the need for the extra security to protect people with dementia can often make them feel like they are losing their independence or are even prisoners.  Dispelling this feeling should be the goal of any care facility or provider.  A person’s independence is an important part of maintaining a positive outlook on life.  This attention to the quality of life should not be ignored just because they are dependent on care.  Independence needs to be promoted and encouraged as it can help slow the progression of the disease. 

Specific activities designed for the elderly mentally infirm can also help to slow the progression of the disease.  The activities stimulate mental activity and give the thought processes a workout.  Just as with anybody a patient’s physical health must be maintained and the staff at Healthcare acknowledge and address this with it’s EMI patients.

It is a facility that has experience in providing the exact care that you need.  Not only will they address the symptoms of the disease they will also address the importance of the quality of life and the promotion of independence.  Select Healthcare EMI Care if you want to make the right choice for your loved one.  

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