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What is TRX?

Do you know about TRX suspension workouts? No worries if you don't,Guest Posting it's a fairly new popular workout for those who have physical trainers, or are trainers themselves, or those who frequent the gym. If you are workout novice, let's highlight this awesome suspension workout. So for the sake of those who want to start on TRX workout routines, here are some Fit Fem fun facts for you:

So what the hell is TRX anyway? Randy Hetrick created the TRX and he made it for people who don't have enough space and equipment to exercise. Randy, dude, you are a GENIOUS! TRX is a bodyweight program. TRX workouts work with people by repetitious exercises, but for creative people, using the TRX could be so much fun and super challenging. There are many exercises that could be done with these suspension workout equipments, including chin-ups, planks, squats, pushups, pull-ups, pikes, and so much more. Just by changing the position of the straps, you work with gravity in conjunction with your body weight to create the resistance; a nice change to your usual free weight workouts, right?

TRX workouts begin with attaching the straps on an anchor point, and this could be found easily anywhere. Yea, all it is are two straps suspended from an anchor point. Why didn't I come up with that? I would've been rich, too rich to be blogging here….just kidding!!!!!! This anchor point could be a pole or a tree, or anything sturdy enough to hold your weight; the place where you attach the cords is your anchor point, and all that would be left to do is to lean away from the anchor point as much as you can possible to train, tone, develop your muscles and increase your muscle endurance.

TRX highly effective in weight loss, building up lean muscles caused by carrying your body weight definitely speeds up your metabolism. What I absolutely love about TRX is the awesome ab workout you can get from it. Don't be fooled, it's pretty challenging but once you master it, you'll never want to exclude TRX from your workouts. Even the bad boys in the military use this equipment. Hello hot stuff!!!

The benefits or TRX workouts are quite many and quite obvious. Working out with TRX would give you muscle endurance, fat and weight loss, fast metabolism, increased muscle weight, flexibility and stability. As a bodyweight workout, a TRX workout actually makes your bodyweight the main point of the exercise.TRX workouts are easy and would require very little less space than other gym equipment – and it yields the same results. Cool! So make use of this little and effective tool is your way to a toned and lean and sculpted body. Take classes, join a small-group training or train with your individual trainer using the TRX. Jump on the TRX trend. Ya' won't regret it!

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