African Mango Diet: An Overview

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The African mango seems to be another item in the market. It is no longer just a fruit from Cameroon but,Guest Posting a weight loss product as well. It was Dr. Mehmet Oz who created a buzz about this wonder fruit. The special mango is praised for its weight loss benefits and nutrients. Dr. Oz does not promote the product, although, he affirms that it is good in reducing cholesterol in the body. According to theory, its fat-lowering property can improve everyone’s waistline. Whether or not it is an effective weight loss product is still a matter of controversy.

The mango is not any type of mango grown in Africa. It is very rare and can only be found in Cameroon. After claims about its weight loss properties, it became popular in the United States and other western countries. According to reports, the Africans have long consumed this fruit. In the native land of Africa, this native fruit is called Dikka Nuts. The Africans use its extract because they believe it has special healing properties.

How does this native mango cause weight loss?

The mango contains components that hasten the metabolism of the body. Metabolism is the process of using up the body’s energy reserves. However, this process can be hampered by the presence of unwanted chemicals and toxins in the body. According to claims, the extract from the native mango can eliminate the toxins that allow the proper burning of calories. The Vitamin B content of the fruit is another factor that makes it an efficient fat burner. Vitamin B accelerates the breakdown of energy sources, like carbohydrates.

Claims say that it lowers bad cholesterol.

LDL is commonly known as bad cholesterol. It’s the cause of heart disease. There are many natural methods that claim to lower the body’s level of bad cholesterol and the African mango diet is one of them. LDL can cause hardening of the arteries. The levels of LDL can be reduced in many ways. The most obvious is to limit or eliminate the intake of fatty foods. You probably would try this special native mango diet. But, have you tried reducing fat in your diet yet?

What about beer belly?

A lot of people have problem losing the fat around their waist. The fat stored in the midsection is the toughest to remove. It’s called visceral fat and it’s the most stubborn. It takes a lot of workout to remove this fat. But African mango can do wonders, according to its proponents, by making the body less resistant to lepitin. Lepitin is a hormone that controls the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. People who cannot lose their “beer belly” may be resistant to lepitin.

Here are what you have to remember.

The error most people make is that they find a weight loss product on an enticing ad and they think it can do miracles. So, they buy the product, try it and get disappointed after a month - there’s no weight loss, not even a single kilo gone. So, what went wrong? Usually, people don’t understand that losing weight cannot be achieved through a single approach. Do you honestly think that going through a certain type of diet can do all wonders?

African mango diet may be effective, or, it may be not. At the end of the day, nothing works without much effort. Even if you eat all the African mangoes in the world, you’re not going to get thin if you sit on your couch all day long, munching on chips and pizza and helping yourself to a pint of ice cream.

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