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If you are trying to diet or eat healthier, you can enjoy this popular dish with your family and friends. Load up on the vegetables and opt for a whole grain crust for a healthier pizza.

Known in some areas as a pizza pie,Guest Posting they are baked pies with added toppings. People often want to know if these pies are healthy to eat. They can be healthy when they are loaded with vegetables and are made of a healthy crust, created with whole grains. A low-sodium content is also essential when trying to eat a healthy pie at an Italian restaurant. Ask for a vegetarian pie with extra vegetables. Some people use mushrooms as a substitute for meat, and you can too. If you must have meat, choose chicken. Some restaurants offer shrimp as a topping.

If you have difficulties digesting fruit with other foods, hold the pineapples. Although tomatoes are also technically a fruit, they are usually tolerated in a pie, as long as you are not allergic. Ask for extra sauce, especially if it is homemade.

Cut down on the cheese. Although cheese is healthy when eaten in moderation, you do not want to load the pie with too much saturated fat. Ask for half of the cheese that is typically added to the pie. You can also choose to forgo the cheese altogether and have a pie with sauce and toppings. If you must have the cheese, and you want to really eat lean, simply have a tiny portion sprinkled on top of the pie.

Good vegetables for your pizza pie may include broccoli, spinach, green peppers, sprouts, zucchini, corn, peas, cauliflower, eggplant, or shallots. Herbs like rosemary, garlic, and basil can make this a healthier food as well. Chives and coriander are sometimes added to pies to enhance the flavor.

People believe that pizza is an unhealthy food, primarily because of the fatty ingredients that are usually added. Do not ask for sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham or salami as a topping if you want to eat a healthier pie.

Some more exotic topping choices that you can enjoy include tuna, prawns, salmon, or even squid. Seafood can make a great alternative to eating processed meat on your pie. Lean, boneless, skinless chicken is also a good choice for healthier pies. Some parlors have barbecued or Cajun chicken to give your pie a little kick.

When eating the meal, be sure to check the portion size of your slice. You probably will have to cut your slices smaller than the pre-cut slices at the shop. Just because your pie is healthier, does not mean that you have permission to eat the entire pie in one sitting. Eat small portions, and save the rest for later. The trick to avoid overeating is to eat the proper portion size and eat a large salad before you start your meal. You will feel fuller before you begin eating the pie.

You should also drink water instead of sugary juices or soda. Many shops sell bottled water. If you are dieting or simply want to eat healthier you do not have to cut pies out of your diet. Making healthier topping choices will enable you to enjoy this tasty treat with your family and friends.

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