Snacks for Diabetics - Useful Tips for Diabetes Patients

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In diabetes, the body is incapable to utilize excess sugar. That is why diabetics should take food items which do not convert into glucose on digestions.

Diabetes is the condition in which the blood sugar level fluctuates and excess sugar in blood could not be eliminated from the body which is stored in the blood and it can be harmful to the body. The body is incapable to utilize excess sugar and the patients suffering from diabetes should take food products which do not convert into glucose on digestions. They should always take such items in snacks which takes more time to digest because until the food product is digested the person may not feel hungry immediately. The snacks should not be high in calories and it should be nutritious to allow the body to function properly. One should also take care that the snacks should not be high in fat. The maximum amount of calories allowed per snacks is 150 and one has to plan the diet accordingly.

If you are planning a diet for diabetics you have to include proper snacks because these people feel hungry after every two to three hours,Guest Posting and they need small meals to satisfy themselves during this time. Snacks are required for both Type I and Type II patients of diabetes because if they do not take it, they may start feeling tired and fatigued. The patients should make a list of food items which can be included in the diet, the time to take these items and the needed quantity, which should be taken. The diet quantity depends on the age, height of the person and on the lifestyle. The needed quantity will be more for person who is physically working hard. Diabetics should also avoid excess of carbohydrates because carbohydrate is broken down to sugar which raises the blood sugar levels.

Some of the food items which can be included are

Whole grain cracker: You can take whole grain cracker which can be easily absorbed into the body and it also satisfies the appetite.

Fruits: Fruits are best snacks for diabetics because it contains high amount of fiber. Diabetics should be careful to take fruits which are low in sugar. Fruit juices containing artificial sweeteners should be avoided completely, and take apples, apricots, papaya, grapefruits and blueberries.

Popcorn: Popcorn can be taken as snacks because it is low in calorie and sugar. It can easily satisfy the hunger. There are many different forms of popcorns which can be prepared as per the taste and it serves as the best snacks.

Almonds: You can take almonds as snacks in-between the major meals. Low fat yoghurt and low fat cottage cheese can be taken. Boiled vegetables with pepper powder can be taken in between the meals. There are other forms of nuts such as walnuts or peanuts which can be taken.

Yoghurt: Low fat yoghurt can be taken in snacks along with fruits or vegetables. Boiled vegetables can be taken with spices and low fat biscuits can be taken in the snacks. Small quantity of low fat boiled chicken or noodles can be taken anytime in between two meals. You can take cucumber, tomatoes, fruit salads, olives and fish salads.

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