Styles of Pizza Crust in America

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Pizza crust options are almost as varied as the toppings they hold. The next time you order one, consider trying a new style of crust.

Think all pizza is the same? If you travel from one end of the United States to another,Guest Posting you will find that there are many different varieties of this favorite dish. If you take the time to sample a few of these, you just might find that your favorite pie is not what you think it is.

Hand Tossed

Hand tossed is the traditional style. This is created using a yeast-style dough that is stretched and prepped by hand, then placed in a pan and topped with a variety of ingredients. It has a thin, yet doughy texture that is just right in the eyes of most people for this popular dish.

Thin Crust

Thin crust is usually quite thin and crispy. Some would describe this crust almost like a cracker. Because of its thin nature, it may not be able to hold as many toppings as a hand tossed option. However, it is also less filling, so you may be able to eat more of your favorite toppings if you order this style.

Chicago Style Deep Dish

Chicago style deep dish pizza is not simply just a thick crust. This type puts things on backwards. It starts with dough that goes up the sides of the pan, similar to a deep pie crust. Then, cheese and meats are added and topped with another thin layer of dough. The sauce goes on top of this. These are filled with cheeses and require the use of a fork to eat. While not good for your diet, they are considered by some to be the tastiest out there.

New York Style

New York is not to be outdone by Chicago. The New York style has a thick, puffy outer crust that tapers down to a thin, crisp crust in the middle. This pizza is not cooked on a pan but is cooked directly on the oven deck at a fairly high temperature.

Pan Style

Pan style, as the name implies, is cooked in a pan. The bottom of the pan is coated in oil, so the crust gets fried slightly and becomes a little crunchy. The dough is quite thick on this option because it has ample opportunities to rise before it is cooked.

Focaccia Style

These pizzas have no sauce. They start with a round flat piece of focaccia bread that is around an inch thick. This is topped with oils, vegetables, and other toppings, but no sauce. In this version of the dish, the toppings, which are usually quite fresh, have ample opportunity to truly shine.

So the next time you order a pizza, or even cook one in your home, give the type of crust you are going to order a little more thought. You may find that there is something tasty out there you have never tried. With the many options available to you, give your favorite pizzeria a call and see what they can offer that you have never tried before. You will be glad you did!

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