5 Effective Home Remedies for Scurvy That You Can Try

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Scurvy is a disease, caused by lasting lack of ascorbic acid in the body. Read some effective and safe home remedies for scurvy.

Scurvy is a disease,Guest Posting caused by lasting lack of ascorbic acid in the human body. It is known, that ascorbic acid, or simply, vitamin C is an essential component of connective tissues, very needful for bones, blood-vessels, skin, muscles, cartilage, etc. So human organism strongly reacts to such a deficiency. 

In the past scurvy was a very dangerous disease, especially for sailors and prisoners because of their inadequate diet. Nowadays, children who are fed improperly or infants who are weaned very early from mother's breast-milk is at the risk to get ill. Sometimes stress can cause this disease too because of utilization of vitamin C. 

Symptoms: The most usual ones are general weakness, exhaustion, later tumefaction of joints, bone fragility, rupture of capillaries, bleeding of the gums and nose. Furthermore, hair loss, slow healing of wounds, teeth loss, sometimes internal bleeding. Anemia can occur. Without an instant cure patient can even die.

Home Remedies: Scurvy is a typical dietary disease, so it can be cured  by proper diet, which contains enough of ascorbic acid. Here we have a number of very effective home remedies for scurvy.

Lime And Lemon: As we all know, these citrus fruits have very rich sources of vitamin C, so can really help while curing scurvy. Mix water with lime or lemon juice, add a teaspoon of honey. 

Indian Gooseberry: Another effective remedy is Indian gooseberry, which proved to be the richest sources of ascorbic acid. Just dry Indian gooseberries, powder them with an equal amount of sugar and  use like this - one tablespoon three times per day with milk.

Potato: Try to eat potato meals at least two-three times in a week. It is very beneficial in such a condition. 

Mango Powder: It is also a very helpful remedy for scurvy. Mango powder is made of green mangoes-skinned, stoned, cut into little pieces, dried and finally powdered. It can be put into the meals.

Jaundice Berry: You can try the decoction of jaundice berry leaves too. Take the dried leaves into the 500 ml of water and boil untill the content is reduced by one-third. Take the decoction from time to time in 2-4 ml doses. 

In order to get well soon drink orange, grapefruit and other juice, also eat vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, green peppers, etc and fruit. Rest much, spend as much as possible time outside and do simple exercises like walking, cycling, etc.

For little babies, the only remedy for scurvy and also the best prevention is mother's breast-milk. It has everything the baby needs and helps to build  the immune system. So in order not to get sick, pregnant women must take the appropriate amount of vitamin C. And after children's birth mother should keep feeding the baby with her milk or if is not possible then, cow-milk or milk formulas are the right solution.

Scurvy is a dangerous disease, but can be cured successfully if noticed at the right time. The best way to avoid scurvy is having a well-balanced diet with rich sources of vitamin C. Also do not get stressed too much.

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