6 Bad Habits That Dentist Want You To Avoid!

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Learn about plaque in this article. Find out how it can destroy your teeth. Avoid these 6 bad habits and visit dentists regularly if you want healthy teeth and gums.

Plaque is a sticky,Guest Posting clear substance. It's made up of a mix of bacteria and it gradually hardens, creating tartar on the teeth. The bacteria in plaque can damage tooth enamel and cause tooth decay or cavities. Tartar cannot be brushed off. Once it's on your teeth, you'll need a dentist's help to remove it. Tartar above the gum line can cause gum disease or gingivitis. Keeping plaque off the teeth is not hard, but consistency is important. Good oral hygiene habits make for healthy teeth. You'll learn about the causes of plaque in this article.

Not Brushing Regularly

No one will know if you don't brush your teeth every day, but your teeth will. Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush twice a day or after meals. Make sure you use a fluoride-containing toothpaste. If you don't brush your teeth after eating, plaque will build up and erode your teeth.

Not Flossing Regularly

Brushing doesn't get in between the teeth, but plaque does. Daily flossing between the teeth will clear away plaque before it causes damage. Flossing also removes plaque along the gum line. The gum line is another area that brushing cannot reach. It is worth noting that when plaque builds up past the gum line, it can lead to periodontal disease. If you don't like flossing your teeth daily, consider using an inter-dental cleaner to clean the spaces between your teeth.

Consuming Certain Foods and Beverages

Plaque develops when people eat foods that contain sugar or carbohydrates such as soft drinks, dry fruit, dry cereal, potato chips, milk, and candy. If you must consume these products, make sure you brush your teeth afterwards. Bacteria that lives in the mouth thrives on these things, producing acids that can cause cavities and destroy tooth enamel. You should eat a balanced diet and limit snacks if you want healthy teeth. If you must have snacks, choose healthy foods like yogurt, raw fruit, and vegetables.

Avoiding Dentists

It's normal to have some plaque on the teeth, even if a person brushes and flosses their teeth daily. Over time, the plaque will become tartar and it will need to be removed by your dentist. Generally, people who don't visit their dentists regularly get more cavities. You should have your teeth cleaned by professional dentists at least twice a year.

Not Rinsing With Mouthwash

Some people may benefit from adding a mouthwash to their daily routine. Most mouth rinses contain fluoride and they help to prevent plaque and tooth decay. However, no mouthwash can substitute for daily flossing and brushing.


If you want a gorgeous smile, don't smoke. Smokers develop plaque more than people who do not smoke. This is because smoking increases the bacteria that lead to inflamed gums and plaque buildup on the teeth.

Avoiding these 6 bad habits will help you keep plaque in check and off your teeth. Although no one can stay plaque-free all day long, good habits will keep your teeth clean and save your smile.

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