6 Effective Home Remedies for Prickly Heat That Work

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Prickly heat or Miliaria is a painful and irritating skin disease. It is very common in summer when weather is very hot and humid.

Prickly heat (also known as Miliaria or sweat rash) is a painful and irritating skin disease. It is very common in summer when weather is hot and humid. In such climate,Guest Posting much of sweat exudes on the skin which in turn blocks the sweat glands. Then blood purification turns out to be impossible as sweat cannot evaporate anymore. And the result is prickly heat. 

Little children can get into it easily because their sweat glands are not fully developed and also if they are too overdressed. However, prickly heat can occur to anyone. 

Symptoms: The main symptoms of prickly heat are small, red and itching eruptions over neck, chest, back, waist, face and other areas. Rashes can also cause a burning sensation. 

Home Remedies: In order to get rid of this disgusting skin-disorder, regular use of natural and herbal remedies will be very useful. They usually do not have any side-effects and cures prickly heat effectively. Let's take a look at the following home remedies.

Gooseberry: Take an earthen vessel and fill with water, then put about twenty gooseberries in the pot and cover it. Leave as it is for the whole night. On the next day, mash up the berries in the pot, then filter the water, add sugar or honey and drink. It removes heat from the body and helps for digestive system. 

Oatmeal Powder: It is also a very beneficial remedy. Add a little of oatmeal powder to your bath-water. It will reduce the itching and help you to feel better. 

Indian Plum: Leaves of Indian plum is very good at treating prickly heat. Just take the leaves, crush them and keep mixing with baking soda until you get a paste. Then apply it on eruptions. 

Talcum Powder: Here is another way, which helps to absorb the dampness of skin. Apply the herbal powder of talcum on your skin after bath. Talcum powder keeps the skin dry and cure prickly heat quickly. 

Lime: Prickly heat needs to be cured internally too. That is why I advise you to drink lime juice at least three glasses per day. 

Sandalwood powder: Another great and natural way to feel better is to mix sandalwood powder in rose water and made a paste of it. Later apply this on rashes and thereafter let it dry.

Besides the above remedies, regular intake of sugarcane; pineapple, orange and such other juices help a lot. Also eat watermelon and sometime it is beneficial to put it on the eruptions too. 

In order not to get ill you should avoid hot and humid climate if it causes problems for you. Take regular bath at least twice a day when the temperature is high. Do not let the sweat accumulate for too long on the skin, remove it as soon as you can. Wear light, loose clothing, avoid overdressing. Remember our skin also needs to breathe in its own way. If you want your baby to be healthy as well free from prickly-heat, dress him or her reasonably. Avoid synthetic fabrics and clothes. Natural ones, like linen, cotton absorbs the sweat better.

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