6 Must Know Top Tips For Acne Free Skin

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Simple changes to the way we eat and live, by itself can contribute significantly to acne free skin apart from general well being and expense is involved.

Acne is such a common and wide spread affliction across the globe and communities that you will find any number of treatments,Guest Posting medications, cleansers or cosmetics, all at a price. But, the actual fact is the key elements of an effective program for acne free skin is absolutely free except that you need to follow the measures. Given below are the six measures to help you.

1. Eat healthy to nourish your skin

Strangely enough most of us are habituated to eating and drinking the wrong kind of stuff, knowing well that they can do us more harm than good. Whatever is devoured, the body perforce accepts, but that does not mean that the acceptance is with a glee. Caffeine, refined carbohydrates, sugar are capable of activating hormones commanding the sebaceous glands for producing increased levels of oils. Replace these with nuts, juices, vegetables, or seeds in your diet regimen and soon you can find your skin reacting positively. This is the first step towards acne free skin.

2. Maintain skin elasticity

The general health of our skin calls for copious water content in the body, and more so for acne free skin. The perspiration through the skin contributes in a large measure to the self healing system of our body in the form cleaning up the blood via the kidney. During this process, the toxic waste that enters our body through numerous means gets eliminated. For this process to be efficient, it needs good volumes of water, generally up to 8 glasses per day. Carrying some potable water along wherever you go, would help you to fulfil this quota without fail. When you care for your skin, keeping it acne free won’t be a major task.

3. Regular exercise

Sedentary jobs particularly affect the blood circulation significantly. Regular exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day can immensely aid proper blood circulation. Again, with proper circulation of blood, the impurities are discharged from the system without room for accumulation in areas where they do not belong. This is yet another factor to help acne free skin. Exercise has another beneficial effect and that is stress relief. Stress is one of the major contributors to flare-up of acne. 

4.  Cleansing your face

Follow this procedure for cleansing your face:


Use an oil-free remover and a ball of cotton to remove the make up.

Wash with oil free and lukewarm water and a cleanser that does not block pores.

Pat dry with soft towel.

Apply moisturizer which is free from oil.


Wash as in the night and apply toner free from alcohol.

Apply moisturizer.

5. Protect from sun and weather

Tanning does not really help. Hence protect your skin from harsh weather and sun.

6. Quality Rest

Adequate and quality rest is very important for the body’s immune system. 6 to 8 hours of continuous sleep would be ideal for the necessary recharging activity.

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