8 Effective Ways To Cure Kidney Stones Naturally

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Kidney stones are crystalline pebble-like structures formed in the kidneys. The stones may travel from the kidney to the ureter and it may get stuck up in the ureter obstructing passage of urine.

Kidney stones,Guest Posting also known as renal calculi are crystalline pebble-like structures formed in the kidneys. The stones may travel from the kidney to the ureter and if are large in size, may get stuck up in the ureter obstructing passage of urine. It is actually formed from the precipitation and aggregation of dietary minerals present in the urine. Depending upon the location, it fall in to the following types:

1. Nephrolithiasis (these stones are located in the kidney)
2. Ureterolithiasis (these stones occur in the ureter)
3. Cystolithiasis (these stones occur in the bladder)

Depending upon chemical composition, stones are of the following types:

1. Calcium stones
2. Struvite
3. Uric acid stones
4. Amino acid cystine stones

Men are more prone to getting stones in the kidney. Kidney stones are usually formed between in patients between 20-49 years of age. The possible triggers for stones in the kidney are heredity, pregnancy, exposure to hot and dry weather, low intake of fluid, consumption of a diet high in animal protein, salts and sugar, excessive intake of Vitamin D supplements, urinary tract infections, medical conditions like gout, hypercalciuria, hyperparathyroidism, diabetes, hypertension, cystinuria, hyperoxaluria, renal tubular acidosis, inflammatory bowel disease, surgical procedures like ostomy surgery, medications like protease inhibitors, diuretics, calcium containing antacids etc.

The common symptoms of kidney stones include blood in urine, cramping pain in lower abdomen, back or sides, persistent urinary urgency, weak urine stream, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting etc.

Cures for kidney stones:

1. Drinking plenty of water and other fluids is the first step towards curing stones. It will allow flushing out of existing stones and will also check further stone formation.

2. Phosphoric acid and water soluble fibers can cleanse your kidney of the stones. Intake of lemon juice and vinegar supplies phosphoric acid to the body. Intake of food items like asparagus, water melons and broccolis provide optimum water soluble fibers to the body.

3. Assess the type of kidney stone you have and make changes in your diet accordingly.

4. Juice therapy may be used to quicken the stone removal process. Start your day with a glass of orange juice and in the mid-day drink glassful cranberry juice. These are effective cures for stones.

5. Take alfalfa tablets to break down large kidney stones in to granules so that they can easily pass out of the body through urine.

6. You can use herbal stone removal products available in the market. Kid Clear capsules, for example, is a good cure for kidney stones.

7. You can cure stones in the kidney with the help of some home remedies suggested below:

a. Steep 60 grams of sliced kidney bean pods in 4 liters of water for about 6 hours. Once it is done, strain the liquid and allow cooling for about 8 hours. After this re-strain and drink a glassful of the decoction to get cured of kidney stones.

b. Mingle 1 teaspoon basil juice and 1 teaspoon honey and take the mixture daily. This will help to eliminate the stones from kidney.

c. Consume 1 ripe fresh apple each day to get rid of stones.

8. To allow subsiding of the pain, patients with kidney stones are treated with Ketorolac, an anti-inflammatory drug which can be injected

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