Acne Herbal Remedies - Most Effective Pimples Natural Treatment

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Acne or pimple may lead to scarring of skin. It gets clogged by sebum, and then gets contaminated by dirt, dust, pollution and often gets infected by bacteria such as propionibacterium.

Acne and especially pimples are a common problem faced by many at the onset of puberty. 'Acne' is the collective name given to a package of multiple skin problems. Acne or acne vulgaris include the occurrence of seborrhea or red scaly skin,Guest Posting comedomes or black heads and white heads, papules or pinheads, pustules or pimples and nodules or large pustules. Acne in severe forms can be inflammatory, but mostly it is non-inflammatory. 

Acne may lead to scarring of skin. The problem acquires tempo at puberty, continues till adulthood and may disappear later in life. Pimples, the most troublesome acne type, occur due to inflammation of hair follicles. It gets clogged by sebum, and then gets contaminated by dust, dirt, pollution and often gets infected by bacteria such as propionibacterium. It occurs in two forms: pustule and papule. Pimples are filled with pus, red and swollen

Acne Herbal Remedies and Effective Natural Treatment of Pimples

Acne and pimples can be checked through some self-help measures. Scrubbing should be avoided, and OTC solutions containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, azelaic acid, sulfur, retins-A may be used as cleaning agents. One should try not to touch the face frequently, for that may aggravate the chance of infection. 

Loose hygienic clothing is advisable for those with pimples. While using makeup, one should use a nonceomedogenic or nonacnegenic makeup, and remember to take off the makeup before going to bed. One may take oral antibiotics under expert’s guidance to prevent pimple and other acne out-breaks.

Home remedies for pimples and other acne treatment may be listed as follows.

1. A paste of fresh fenugreek leaves may be applied on skin and left overnight, and washed off the next morning with warm water. This is an excellent remedy for all types of acne, including pimples.

2. A solution prepared by mixing cucumber juice, carrot juice, lettuce and alfalfa juices, is very good for treating pimples.

3. Drinking of herbal water helps one to maintain a safe distance from any forms of acne. Herbal water may be prepared by boiling the hair of one corn and 2-3 fenugreek seeds in a glass of water.

4. Fresh apricot juice is very helpful in treating cystic and pimply acne.

5. Almond oil can work wonders in erasing scars of old pimples.

6. Drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day helps in eliminating toxicity from our system. Water cleanses us from within, keeps our skin hydrated and free from acne troubles.

7. Hot wet compress followed by cold compress kills pimple causing bacteria, and thereby solves localized infection.

8. Ripe tomato pulp is very good for treating pimples. It may be applied all over face, kept for an hour and then washed off.

9. A paste of sandal powder and turmeric may be applied on pimples. It absorbs the extra oil, and turmeric has an anti-bacterial effect.

10. Roasted and powdered pomegranate skin may be mixed with lime juice and applied on affected skin. It is a very effective acne treatment. It checks the spreading of infection, removes scars and prevents the coming back of pustules, cysts, rashes and blackheads. 

11. Golden Glow capsule can also be used to get rid of the problems of acne and pimples. It is a special blend of ayurvedic herbs that have blood purifying.

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