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It is an  activity to supervise and coordinate fire code enforcement program activities and operation within the fire prevention division to coordinate assigned activities with other divisions outside agencies  and general public and to provide highly responsible and complex staff assistance.

In the united states and Canada the fire marshal is often a member of fire department but not necessarily part of building department or it can be a separate department altogether  the duty of fire marshal vary but usually include fire code enforcement and investigating fires for origin and cause . Fire marshals may be sworn law-enforcement officers .

The state Fire Marshal’s office is dedicated to the protection of life,Guest Posting property, and the environment from the devastation of fire which is very important activity. The  Washington state Fire Marshal’s office is organized as a bureau within the Washington state patrol the focus and there efforts is to provide fire safe environment through engineering , education and enforcement. They aim to provide fire and life safety inspections in licensed care occupancies, including nursing homes , boarding homes, group homes , hospitals and other centers  the best activity among them is that they license the fireworks and fire sprinkler industry  workers and cigarette manufacturers   . The Washington state Patrol  controls the Washington state Fire Marshal. They provide services including incident reporting , data collection , code review   and construction plan fire safety   .   The bureau is comprised of two Divisions that is Preparedness and Prevention . Staff is located in the Olympia Headquarters office , at the Fire Training Academy in North Bend , and in field offices around the state. They strive to provide the best customer service to the clients , including the citizens , facilities they inspect , contractors they license and certify , and the fire service they train and support.  They investigates and gathers facts to determine cause of Fires and Explosions and enforces fire laws, they investigates case when either arson or criminal negligence is suspected,  Multialarm fire results in serious  injury or death , or fire takes place in commercial establishment of public building. Examines fire site to determine $T3burn pattern $T1 and detect presence of flammable materials and gases and incendiary devices, using various detectors.  Conducts inquiries into departmental employees delinquency in performance of duties and violation of laws or regulation. Demonstrated sensitivity to students within the wide range of skills , motivations and academic goals . the applicant should have knowledge   of state Fire Marshal policies and procedures , curriculum development , state Fire Marshal accreditation processes.                                              

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