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Emergency contraceptives have been proven to be quite helpful in cases of contraceptive accidents. Read to learn how morning after pill such as ellaOne can help prevent unplanned pregnancy.

In today’s society,Guest Posting the importance of contraception has increased to a great extent. Men around the world use condoms, the most commonly used form of contraception, in order to prevent women from getting pregnant. However, there are contraceptive methods that can be used by women as well. Women who are sexually active usually prefer using such methods of contraception so as to avoid unplanned pregnancy. If you are looking forward to a long term protection against unplanned pregnancy, you can use methods of contraception such as oral pills or IUD. However, oral pills have been proven to be quite effective in preventing pregnancy.

Emergency contraception

Although the contraceptive methods have been proven to be quite helpful, there have been contraceptive accidents that may increase a woman’s risk of getting pregnant. If a couple is using condoms, contraceptive accidents such as condom tear or slip or failure of your daily contraception such as oral pills can also lead to unplanned pregnancy. Emergency contraception can be quite effective in preventing pregnancy under such circumstances. An emergency contraceptive pill, also referred to as the morning after pill consists of synthetic female hormones, and work in a similar fashion as your contraceptive pills. The two most popular and effective emergency contraceptive pills are Levonelle and ellaOne.

ellaOne – a morning after pill

ellaOne is one of recent additions to the category of emergency contraceptive pills. This pill has been gaining popularity at a faster pace because of its key benefit. This pill is said to be effective for 5 days or 120 hours after having unprotected sexual intercourse or suspected failure of your daily contraception. Under the circumstances, you are required to take a single dosage of ellaOne 30 mg immediately afterwards. The active ingredient present in ellaOne is ulipristal acetate. With the help of this active ingredient, this pill works in three different ways. Firstly, it tricks your body into believing that ovulation has occurred so as to prevent ovulation.

Secondly, ellaOne thickens the cervical mucus in your womb so as to prevent a sperm from entering and fertilising an egg. And lastly, this morning after pill alters the womb lining so as to prevent an egg from attaching and growing further. This pill has been proven to be 98% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy in women. The pill is said to be best effective if taken with the first couple of days after the contraceptive accident. You can buy this pill on prescription after consultation with your doctor, or online through any of the registered online clinics.

In order to buy ellaOne online, you are simply required to go through the online consultation, the diagnosis of which is conducted by a registered doctor. Once the diagnosis is mailed to you, the pill can be order. You can buy this pill if your 18 years of age or above. However, you should avoid taking this pill if you are pregnant, although it has been proven to be safer for women who are breastfeeding. Usually, ellaOne is a well-tolerated pill. However it can cause side effects such as headaches, dizziness, vomiting, irregular bleeding, lower abdominal pain and delayed period.

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