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Kill the Cancer - before it kills you!
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"Hollywood has had it with cancer,Guest Posting" screams USA Today in its July 29, 2008 issue concerning celebrities that have vowed to conquer cancer.
Just as in the general population, there has been a growing epidemic of cancer among celebrities and public figures, such as in the recent cases of Patrick Swayze, Cristina Applegate, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Farrah Fawcett, Ted Kennedy, Kylie Minogue, Rudy Giuliani, Lance Armstrong, just to name a few. 
Even more celebrities have lost loved ones to cancer, such as:
Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell (who all lost their mothers to cancer); Paul McCartney (who lost his first wife, Linda, to breast cancer); CBS news anchor Katie Couric (who lost her husband to colon cancer); American Idol David Cook (who lost his maternal grandfather to lung cancer); Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News (who lost his mother tolymphoma and his sister to breast cancer); S. Epatha Merkerson of "Law and Order" (who lost 2 of her very best friends to lung cancer) ... and the list goes on.
Cancer has become a much bigger threat to human lives -- and has caused more deaths -- than all the wars of the world combined.  In the U.S. alone, every 60 seconds, someone diesfrom cancer -- and that's like losing as many people as wedid on 9/11 every 2 days.
Here's another grim statistic:  Eevery 3 minutes, someone new is diagnosed with cancer.  Is it any wonder, then, that celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, America Ferrera, Meryl Streep, Lance Armstrong, Scarlett Johansson, Forest Whitaker, Hilary Swank, Charlize Theron and dozens of other big-name celebrities banded together to put an end to cancer during a one-hour television special titled "Stand Up 2 Cancer?"  The telethon aired on Friday,September 5, 2008, on all 3 networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) to raise funds for cancer research.
The problem with raising funds for cancer research is this: The funds eventually go towards cancer research that does NOT cure cancer.  In the 95 years that health organizations like the American Cancer Society have been dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem, there has been VERY LITTLEPROGRESS made in the curing of the deadly disease.  Instead, the incidence of cancer has grown exponentially over the last hundredyears. 
A single cancer fundraising campaign, such as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, for instance, raises approximately $150 million in funds for cancer research.  Tens of billions of dollars have beenraised by all the fundraising campaigns combined - and yet, according to the American Cancer Society, there's still a 41% probability that an individual, male or female, will develop cancer in his or her lifetime (or die from it)!
Why have all the billions of dollars raised for cancer research been FUTILE in curing cancer?
Many people, including the Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, Dr. Samuel Epstein, state that the priorities of health organizations that claim to be dedicated to finding a cancer cure are "economically motivated, and reflectconflicts of interests with the pharmaceutical industry, the pesticide industry, and the mammography industry."
Another reason why attempts at curing cancer have been futile thus far is because the funds raised have been allocated to raising public awareness of the merits of the 3 conventionalcancer therapies - that is, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.
And yet, Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini states that according to his polls and questionnaires, "75 percent of doctors say they'd refuse chemotherapy if they were struck with cancer due to its ineffectiveness and its devastating side effects."  In fact, the medical journal, "Clinical Oncology," published the results of astudy in December 2004, wherein it was shown that chemotherapy has a success rate of just over 2 percent for all cancers!  [That's a FAILURE rate of 98%!]
Therefore, funneling research funds towards the advancement of ineffective therapies that don't eliminate the root CAUSEof cancer will always be a losing proposition.
The fact is, the business of "curing" cancer - or any disease, for that matter -- has become an overcomplicated system that is usually invasive and expensive.  More often than not, it also does more harm than good - and the "good" that it doesis limited to relieving only the SYMPTOMS of the disease, and not its CAUSE.
But now, there is a simple and natural therapy that is scientifically proven to eradicate cancer - without the need for surgery, drugs or radiation.  In fact, this therapy has beenprescribed and administered by more than 15,000European doctors, naturopaths and healthpractitioners to heal not just cancer but most other diseases, including AIDS, heart disease, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease and diabetes, to name a few.
Before I found this therapy, my father died of colon cancer in 1999.
It was painful for him, but maybe even more painful for us, his family, to watch as he writhed in agony during the last 6 months of his life.  If you ever witness someone you love die like this, it will change your life forever, just as it has changed mine.
If you thought that experience must've been awful, my nightmare continued when, not long after my father died, my sister was stricken with cervical cancer; and then my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Both of them are in remission now because their respective cancers were surgically removed.  But I couldn't help but fear that their cancers would recur just like my father's cancer did after a few years of remission -- and I was afraid that they, too, might die just as my father did.
This is why I've been tireless in my pursuit to find a cure for cancer -- to save the lives of my beloved mother and sister.  My search led me to find this scientifically proven therapy that proved to be much more than I was looking for. 
Alternative health practitioners, as well as researchers and doctors, have yet to find a disease that does NOT respond well to this therapy.  And best of all, when this self-administeredone-minute therapy is used properly, there are no known risks. 
When I stumbled upon this remarkable therapy, I used it on myself to successfully eradicate a chronic throat inflammation (that I feared would become cancerous) in just 2 weeks --  and my husband experienced a SPECTACULAR reversal of a seriouslymphatic condition that he had suffered from all his life, and which was considered "incurable."  I knew then that this therapy was the closest thing to a panacea that I had been looking for.
I began to think that it would be a DISSERVICE to humanity to keep information about this therapy available only to the limited number of people who stumbled upon it by accident (like I did).  That's why I sat down and wrote "The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases" - see
Even as I was writing the book, I knew I'd meet with tremendous opposition because the simple therapy which is detailed in the book, represents the biggest threat to the trillion-dollar revenues of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.
Today, I remain convinced that if all the funds raised for cancer research were dedicated to putting this book in the hands of every man and woman on the planet, we could not only stamp outcancer altogether but also have a world that is free of disease.
I urge you to get this book today and learn the one-minute cure for yourself - and give a copy of the book to all the people you care about, as well as people who are battling disease, or people who don't have health insurance - before the "powers thatbe" in the pharmaceutical industry force this book out of circulation. 
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Wishing you the best of health and freedom from disease,
Thanks for reading and I wish you all the success!

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