Answering the question, What is Pearly Penile Papules?

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If you are asking the question, "what is pearly penile papules?" we can help. Here, we explain what this medical condition is, and is not.

"What is pearly penile papules?" is a question you may be asking if you think it is a condition that you have developed. The scientific name for this medical condition is hirsuties papillaris genitalis. They are small white or skin colored bumps that show up on the penis,Guest Posting for no apparent reason. They often develop in a row formation and encircle either the corona or the sulcus.

Sometimes abbreviated to PPP, pearly penile papules are not open sores. They do not seep and they do not pop open and ooze any fluid.

What is pearly penile papules in terms of how they affect the penis? These pearly looking bumps resemble a string of pearls, thus the name of the condition. They do not bring about pain, discomfort or irritation. However, some males who develop PPP do occasionally feel an unpleasant sensation related to it.

PPP will not do the sufferer any type of physical harm. It cannot be spread through any type of sexual contact with a partner. If asked by a sexual partner, what is pearly penile papules and is it contagious, you can assure the other person that they will not contract the disease because it cannot be spread.

The papules can be described as being bumps or lesions that most often develop in males in either their 20's or 30's. As the man ages, the bumps may fade and the frequency of them may decrease. This condition is more often seen in men who are uncircumcised, as opposed to those who have been circumcised.

Statistics are not clear on how commonly this medical condition occurs in the male population. The reports on it range from it being evidenced anywhere from 10 to 48 percent. The cause of PPP is not presently known.

What is pearly penile papules treatment about? This medical issue is thought to be a normal variant that does not necessitate treatment because it does not cause any harm. However, some males who have it suffer anxiety and varying levels of psychological stress related to it because it can cause embarrassment in sexual situations. Many men fear rejection because of what their penis looks like with the papules on it.

Any bumps, lesions, marks or other changes that occur on the penis, can be worrisome. The development of pearl-like bumps is no different. While the condition has no symptoms (asymptomatic), it is sometimes wrongly mistaken for genital warts and can be a source of concern for a man. It is not a sexually transmitted disease and is not related to sexual contact in any way. Its development is a mystery to the medical community.

For some males, getting the answer to- what is pearly penile papules? - from a physician is enough to put their minds at ease. They learn to live with it and are patient as they wait for it to fade over time. For others, the distress is much greater. It can affect a man's self-confidence and his ability to interact with others.

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