Back Massage - Pummeling and Cat Stroking

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Finishing moves You can proceed to the end of the back massage with a combination of some of the next moves or, if you have time, you can try them all.

They are not in any particular order and you can experiment to find out which ones your partner prefers. I vary the ending depending on whether my client wants to be woken up - in which case pummeling is invigorating - or wishes to stay in a relaxed state - when I would use cat strokes.Pummeling is the easiest percussion movement,Guest Posting and is therefore ideal for beginners. It should be really rhythmic - I always imagine I' m playing the maracas in a steel band!PummelingPummeling is an ideal pounding movement for the back. Make loose fists with hands and pummel all over your partner's back. Your wrists should be very flexible so that the movement is light and stimulating, not heavy and painful.While you are learning the technique, put a towel over the back and pummel through this to avoid stinging the skin or striking the flesh too hard.Start at the buttocks and move up the back toward the neck. Vary the speed for different effects: slow for relaxation and vigorous for stimulation.Work gently over bony areas, and never strike the spine. Also, steer clear of the kidney area, as pressure here can be painful.Cat strokingCat stroking is perfect for ending the back massage since it imparts a wonderfully hypnotic and soporific effect. Start at the neck and stroke gently down the spine with one hand, and as it reaches the buttocks, follow it with your other hand. Lift off your hand at the small of the back and return it to the neck. The return movement is as important as the stroke itself, so move rhythmically. Gradually, stroke more and more slowly and lightly.When the cat stroke is as light as you can make it, move on to the feather touch. Stroke very, very lightly down either side of the spine with both hands together, using just your fingertips. When you reach the small of the back, lift your hands off and return them to the neck. Flick your hands gently between each stroke to keep them feeling light and to get rid of the feeling of electricity that tends to gather. The movement should feel that it has no beginning or end, and you can continue with it for as long as you like.Additional movesThere are also extra movements and positions that you can include to extend your back massage or to make a change if you are massaging regularly. Get feedback from your partner to see which he or she prefers.

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