Back Strokes - Fan Stroking and Circle Stroking

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Remind yourself of this gentle stroking movement before you start.

Place your hands at the top of the buttocks,Guest Posting and stroke smoothly up toward the waist and then out toward the side. Keeping your hands relaxed, mould them gently around the sides of the waist, and then down and in toward the top of the buttocks.Pull firmly up at the sides of the buttocks, then swing your hands around to the, starting position and repeat steps 1-3.Circle strokingThis movement feels wonderful on the buttocks if you keep it flowing and rhythmic. Work on each buttock separately, circling clockwise on the right side and counterclockwise on the left side. With both hands on one buttock, stroke around in a circle, with one hand following the other.Stroke gently as you glide down the sides, and pull firmly up at the buttocks. Lift one hand over the other arm to complete the circle, and continue. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other buttock.Additional movesKneading actions are great for fleshy areas and the buttocks can take a lot of this movement. Put a twist into the massage for a really stimulating response. Circular pressures also work well on the buttocks. Apply around the sacrum using the thumbs of both hands simultaneously.And back to backTo complete the back massage you need to return to the broad expanse of your partner's back so that you can calm the whole area down. Turn so that you are facing sideways across the back in a standing or kneeling position. Depending on time and how tired you are, you can use all or just some of the following techniques.CradlingThis is a warm, comforting movement that makes a gentle start to this final phase of the back massage.Criss-cross strokesThe combination of gliding movements and the gentlest of squeezes creates a wonderfully relaxing sensation in your partner.Put one hand on each side of your partner's waist, with the fingers of both your hands facing away from you. Pull your hands firmly up the sides of the body, gently pulling in at the waist, and glide them across the back.Slide your hands past each other and down the other side of the body. Make a definite contrast between firmly pulling up at the sides of the body, and lightly gliding across the back. Work up and down your partner's back a couple of times.

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