Causes Of Low Semen Production And Effective Treatments

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Hypospermia is the condition of inability to produce or ejaculate semen. Complete absence of semen is known as Aspermia.

The semi fluid liquid secreted by male organ during lovemaking is called semen. Sperms use it as a medium to enter the vagina. Low semen production or Hypospermia is the condition of low semen production. Complete lack of semen is known as Aspermia. These conditions do not result in severe infertility until it is combined with low sperm count. If a man has good sperm count and only the semen secretion is a problem,Guest Posting there are several ways to cure it.


Prostate problems are the main cause of this condition. There is a saying among professional dominatrix women "milk the sulking man". It means stimulating the male prostate with fingers inserted from the back. It will result in spurting out of all the semen contained. A female pressing the prostate of the male with her hand during lovemaking, will bring out all the semen contained, into her. If the male is fertile with good sperm count, she gets conceived easily.

Though it might seem rude, it is a clinically approved practice. When a man approaches a physician with low semen production complaint, the first thing a doctor checks is his prostate. The patient's urine sample is collected first. Then the doctor or the nurse performs the prostate massage to collect the sample of the ejaculating fluid. The patient is made to urinate again. These three cultured samples are tested to determine the type of infection in the prostate gland.

Hypospermia can be both congenital as well as self induced. Semen is a combination of fructose and plasma liquid. Low semen production is related to two main organs in the male reproductive organ,

1. The seminal vesicles - they are situated just behind the prostate glands. They are responsible for the quantity of semen or production of seminal plasma.

2. The prostate - this walnut sized gland stores fructose. The liquid from the seminal vesicles drain into prostate, collect fructose and follow downwards to pick up sperms.

Hindrance in the pathway of seminal vesicles or the prostate causes low semen production.

Symptoms of low semen production

1. All men know the greater the ejaculation volume, the pleasurable the orgasm is. Hence, Hypospermia can hinder the normal satisfaction of lovemaking greatly in addition to interfering with fertility.

2. One to two teaspoon of semen (2 to 4 milliliters) per ejaculation is normal. High intensity orgasms can produce up to 5 milliliter of semen. Anything less than 1.5 milliliter semen can be termed as low semen production.

Treatment for the same can be done easily by removing the blocks in the seminal vesicles and the surrounding reproductive organs. This can be done by taking physician prescribed pills and medications for a short period of time. The milking massage is also taught to several couples to use for a certain period of time. In some rare cases the prostate gland needs surgery due to major infections. It will cure the low semen production problem completely and leave the man ready for healthy sex once again. Kegel exercises and other techniques are taught for such patients to gain better control during ejaculation. Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules are effective herbal remedies for treating low semen production. One can use these herbal supplements for improving semen production and increasing sperm count.

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