Chelation Therapy - Medicinal Use of Chelation

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The administration of chelation agents for the removal of toxic metals and materials from the body is called chelation therapy. In this therapy the main ingredient used is EDTA.

 EDTA refers to ethylenediamine tetraactic acid. It is an artificial amino acid considered as a foreign substance in the body. It is widely used in cases of metal poisoning. It has the capacity to bind heavy metals to bind together and eliminate them from the body. It also gets associated with calcium that is instrumental in the plaque formation in the blood vessels. Chelation therapy is done in two different ways. These are oral and intravenous chelation therapy. In the intravenous therapy a needle is injected in to the veins. This is done to inject the EDTA in to the blood stream. Patients require a number of sessions of therapy in the chelation treatment. In oral therapy a preparation of chelation agents is taken orally. It also does the same function like that of intravenous therapy. Oral chelation is said to be not as effective as the intravenous therapy as it hardly affects the plaques in the blood vessels. Oral therapy requires a large volume of water intake. For oral therapy chelating agents are available in tablet form.Products for oral chelation are also available in the form of sprays,Guest Posting suppositories and powders. Chealtion vitamins are also available in the market which contains vitamins C and minerals. These are taken with chelation products. Some of the ingredients used in the chelation products include VitaminB,C, E, Folic Acid, calcium, Pottasium, Ginko Biloba, magnesium, zinc and selenium and EDTA. There are various benefits of chelation therapy. It includes reduced free racial activity in the blood, reduced blood clotting, normal cholesterol level and reduced calcium absorption. All these benefits are associated with atherosclerosis. But chelating agents are used mainly for treating metal poisoning. The metals include mercury and lead. In the cases of metal poisonings chelating substances work as a detoxifying agent. Chelation therapy is also liked to autism. In the condition of autism it removes mercury from the brain. Patients of gastrointestinal problems, cancer, depression and fatigue are also suggested chelation therapy. It is also said to be used for skin improvements.The chelation therapy is said to be not free from side effects. Some possible side effects include shock, bone marrow depression, low blood pressure, excessive calcium removal and kidney toxicity. Some of the treatments trough chelation agents are approved by the FDA. But still the chelation therapy treatments are not free from controversy.

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