Choose A Thyroid Problem Remedy

Jun 25


Rudy Silva

Rudy Silva

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Do you have low thyroid function or hypothyroidism? Here are some symptoms of low thyroid or hypothyroidism. Do you need help to see if you might have low or high thyroid hormone output? This information is what you need when you have thyroid issues. Check out this article to get some ideas on how to get started with your thyroid problem.


Recently Will Brink, Choose A Thyroid Problem Remedy Articles health researcher and writer, wrote an article about how excess thyroid stimulating hormone, which is release by the pituitary gland, can cause low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism. This happens when your thyroid is weak and needs extra thyroid stimulating hormone to get it working properly. If this is the case with your thyroid, chances are that your thyroid is working below average in releasing it own hormone, thyroxine. And, when you are under a lot of stress, your thyroxine may be used up on its way to your cells. The thyroid thyroxine hormone is needed by every body cell to help convert nutrients into the energy that your body needs. Without this energy, you whole body slows down, including your brain, and you feel rundown, depressed, and find it difficult to concentrate. When you have a weak thyroid and low thyroxine output, you may have symptoms that you may not associate with your thyroid. In fact these symptoms can be related to other health problems. Here is some of the symptoms associated hypothyroidism, low thyroxine output. You feel fatigued, tired or run down You have trouble concentrating You have depression and bad moods You’re cranky and difficult to get along with You have irregular periods and may have difficulty getting pregnant You feel cold when other people feel warm Your hair starts to fall out or thin down You may develop constipation You may have increase cholesterol levels You can gain weight You may develop hoarseness in your voice You could develop a slow heart beat Many of us have low levels of thyroxine and we don’t know. I know that in the past I have tested myself and discovered that I had hypothyroidism. Now recent research has associated hypothyroidism with the cardiac condition Tachycardia. Tachycardia is a heart condition that causes the heart to beat more than 100 beats per minute. You can test to see if you have hypothyroidism using the basal method. In this method you measure your underarm temperature with a basal thermometer 4 or more days in a row. You natural temperature should be between 97.2 F and 98.2 F. If you temperature is down at 97.2 F, you may want to raise it back to normal at 97.7 F or even to 98.0. Of course, if it is lower or higher than normal you would want to consult with your doctor. To measure your body temperature it is best to use a glass thermometer and not a digital one. The thermometer accuracy you need is 0.1 F. For low thyroid function, doctors will normally prescribe: a synthetic thyroid hormone, thyroxine or triiodothyronine. a desiccated pork thyroid gland which contains certain amounts of thyroid hormone - the main brand is Armour Thyroid. This product is now not as affective as it was once. So you want to avoid using this product. Now, you can purchase a thyroid tissue extract over the internet or at your health food store. This extract is allowed over the counter since, by law, it cannot contain any active thyroid hormones. Most alternative practitioners will recommend this extract since they feel it will build and support your thyroid. For my low basal temperature reading I purchased THYROID-120, thyroid tissue extract, from Molecular Biologics. My temperature was on the low end. This supplement contains 120 mg of Bovine Thyroid Tissue. The one warning this bottle has is “If you experience symptoms of insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety or nervousness, discontinue it us.” You can find many different thyroid extract products and basal thermometers by searching Google.