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One of the biggest problems that we face today is drugs. This tendency of taking drugs is mainly found in youngsters of the age of 15 to 25. Drugs are those things which steal away the life of a person, the most precious time of life which can never come back. To deal with this increasing drug problem many rehabilitation centers have been made which are working quite successfully.

The rate of their success is different which depends on them how do they decide or consider as success.
The success rates published on the internet sites are relative. The rate of success depends on the respective rehab centers on what they account as the success rate. For some reducing the drug use to twice a week is also an account of success whereas for some only complete disuse of drugs is success. First few months of success are not the actual success. One should keep note of the longer duration of time and keep a check weather a person is on drug use again or not. That should be counted as a success true success rate. Confusion is created among many rehabilitation centers that what to put their success rate. It entirely depends upon them what they count as their success.

Success rate is also largely dependent on what is known as retention factor. Retention factor is defined as the ratio of number of people joining the rehab to number of them completing the course. A successful rehab is the one with the retention rate of 50% or above. A retention rate of 65% is considered to be very good rate and rehab with this retention factor are very successful rehabs. The study of retention factor is done by a study called drug abuse treatment outcome study which has found that a retention factor of 65% is the maximum that a drug rehabilitation center has achieved till date.

Success rates are not so often talked about or printed. Some rehab centers do their internal follow up interview to keep a check on how their program is coping with the world living outside. This is done because maximum of these centers lack bench marking. They come up with the success rates with the help of these findings. Being consumers the basic thing is to not be confused with the success rates and start spending your precious time and money on the one which u think has the maximum success rate. Consult someone in this field and first fully get satisfied with what the program provides you with and then make any important decision. Here are some things which you could look for before getting involved in any such programs:
Starting with their success rates depends on what factors,Guest Posting their retention factor and a longer beneficial period. 

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