Effective Home Remedies for Leucoderma or Vitiligo

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Leucoderma is a special disorder of skin, which is characterized by white-patches. Read this article to know some home remedies for leucoderma.

Leucoderma or vitiligo is a special disorder of skin,Guest Posting which is characterized by white-patches. It is a skin disease in which some areas of our skin become white due to the gradual depigmentation or loss of melanin from skin layer. The pigment melanin is the most important element of human skin that accounts for skin-color and thus any imbalance of it will possess the threat of Leucoderma. It is more common in women than in men and also can affect almost any skin types. 

Most of us think that Leucoderma or vitiligo is infectious and caused by harmful organisms, which is not right. The actual reason behind this skin-disorder is still unknown. Though it is believed that Leucoderma or vitiligo is mainly caused by improper functioning of our liver. Digestive problems, metal stress, chronic gastric, jaundice, sunburn, injuries, etc. can also result in Leucoderma. It can happen due to genetic reasons too.

White patches as caused by Leucoderma can vary in size and also can be seen in any part of the body. Nevertheless, they mostly tend to be on the wrist, face, hand, neck or back. These patches look ugly, especially for the people with a dark complexion and are often the reason of deep distress.

Common symptoms: Leucoderma usually begins from small white spots which at a later stage form the patches. At first they look pale and then with the complete depigmentation of melanin in those areas, become milky white. Other symptoms of Leucoderma include hair loss or alopecia; premature graying of hair, cold sensitivity, and so on. Moreover, hair in the affected area also becomes white at some point of time. 

Home remedies: Leucoderma or vitiligo is curable up to a certain extent. There are many home remedies available, which can help us to get rid of those ugly as well distressful white patches. Some of them are discussed below

1. Turmeric: A mixture of turmeric and mustard oil is very effective in healing the white patches. It is one of the useful traditional ways to treat Leucoderma at home. To use, first take about 500 gm of turmeric in eight liters of water, boil it until it becomes one liter. Thereafter, filter this solution and add about 500 ml of mustard oil to it. Apply this mixture twice a day on the patches. 

2. Radish seeds: A mixture of radish seeds and vinegar is also very useful for the treatment of Leucoderma. To prepare it, take 25 gm of the powdered radish seeds and two teaspoon of vinegar and mix them together. Apply it over the patches at a regular basis.

3. Red clay: Another popular home remedy is the mixture of red clay and ginger juice. Both are very effective because red clay contains copper that is proven to be good for skin color, and ginger helps in bringing normal blood circulation.

4. Pomegranate leaves: Made a powder by grinding some dry leaves of pomegranate and then take this regularly along with water. 

5. Psoralea seeds: Prepare a paste or mixture of psoralea seeds and ginger juice by boiling them for three days. Later dry the solution and grind them to make powder. You can either take this powder with a glass of milk, or also can apply it on the patches. This is probably the best home remedy to deal Leucoderma or vitiligo.

In addition to the above remedies, daily use of bitter-tasted drinks like juice of Indian lilac leaves will be very helpful. Avoid eatables like chilly, fish, meat or eggs.

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