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Nowadays extreme vaporizer comes in an exclusive power pack combo in a limited period offer. Generally the list price of it is 449.97$ but under this limited edition offer you will save 149.98 & it will cost you around 229$.extreme vaporizer consists of:

--1 piece of extreme vaporizer unit.
--1 piece of instruction manual.
--1 piece of extreme remote control.
--1 piece of extreme vaporizer whip.
--1 piece of extreme vaporizer stir tool.
--1 piece of extreme aromatherapy bowl.
--1 piece of extreme power chord of 110v.
--2 pieces of whip mouthpiece.
--2 pieces of vaporizer screen pack.
--2 pieces of glass cyclone bowls.
--2 pieces of extreme vaporizer.
--2 pieces of vaporizer balloon kits.
--2 pieces of balloon mouthpieces.

On looking towards the history of vaporizer,Guest Posting first the introduction takes place as Extreme vaporizer 2.0, and it was designed and manufactured mostly in Canada with the brand name Arizer. The latest version of extreme vaporizer exhibits a redesigned system for digital temperature control. It generally comes with a lifetime warranty pack.

---Extreme vaporizer remote control

Of all the vaporizers available, Extreme vaporizer features a remote controlled activation system, which further assists you by enabling you to set the fan speed, adjusting the temperature settings according to your requirements and also enables powering by switching between on and off.

---Multi-functionality extreme vaporizer

  The feature of multi-functionality of the extreme vaporizer puts these units in a special class reserved separately for vaporizers (such as the volcano).you can easily use extreme vaporizer for both of the purposes, i.e. as a vaporizer as well as the steamer. It can also be used as an oil diffuser, or as an aromatherapy unit.

---Extreme vaporizer vapor whip

Extreme vaporizer enables making the use of an extra long vapor whip, in order to experience as like a traditional vaporizer. For a rich vaporizing experience completely inert tubing is featured in an extreme vaporizer.

---Extreme vaporizer balloon fill system

Due to its balloon fill system, people are really excited about the extreme vaporizer. To enable filling of balloon depending on your preference, extreme vaporizer consists of a 3 speed fan system which provides vapors with different densities to fill balloon.
---Digital temperature control (extreme vaporizer)

It controls the extreme vaporizer to utilize different herbs in an easy manner, with a wide range of temperature control. It let the extreme vaporizer be your partner in the vaporization process ranging from low end of heat spectrum to a high end.

---Extreme vaporizer autotimer

It enables us to enjoy the auto shutoff a feature of extreme vaporizer.extreme vaporizer allows to automatically shutoff of unit down to 4 hrs before the beginning of the vaporization session.

Generally Extreme vaporizer is shipped completely with 110 volt system, which was effectively used in North America and the lifetime warranty of extreme vaporizer can be applied to heater failure only. Any other sought of physical damage will not be entertained under the warranty cover.

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