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Cancer, as everything else, has been largely discussed on the Internet. There are many sites dedicated to cancer diseases, to people suffering from cancers, to their friends and families.

The Internet is a good source of valuable cancer information,Guest Posting but there is more to it than that. It is a means to integrate the suffering into a network of virtual friends and supporters, which doesnt let them feel isolated and alone.

The Internet helps friends and families of deceased people to realize that they are not alone with their pain, and that many people are going through the same terrible plot. One of the best traits of cancer information sites is that they unite people and help them overcome their grief.

There are a variety of forums and online discussions meant to bring people together. Cancer is a topic of great interest for many people. Anyone can read and respond to, there are options for instant messages with fellow cancer patients, cancer survivors, and cancer supporters.

One useful site for friends and family members of ill patients is Cancer and Careers.coms What You Can Do as a Friend. It props you up with information about what your behavior in front of the ill friend should be. You shouldnt talk about certain things, neither be too optimistic, nor be too negative in your expectations.

Your main duty as a friend should be supportive and encouraging. This cancer information is very helpful at the beginning. Another essential book for friends may be Facing Cancer Together: How to Help Your Friend or Loved One by Pamela N. Brown. It can help a lot in guiding your attitude towards your ill friend.

Valuable cancer information can be found at There is a large list of directories meant to give orientation to people for any local cancer support groups. Most of them can also be found at the Cancer Information Network. There are many organizations supporting cancer hotlines one of them is The National Cancer Institute, their site being reached at, others are Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization (Their site is:, the RA Bloch Cancer Foundation Cancer Hotline (1-800-433-0464), and the Lung Cancer Alliance Toll-free Hotline (1-800-298-2436).

There are also a lot of specific information sites about different types of cancers: see Mesothelioma-net ( a site, designed to offer cancer information on the specific types of mesothelioma, its treatment, and coping strategies and so on). Another site which presents you a list of all cancers is The Cancer Information Network (at; and, of course, The American Cancer Society ( The latter one gives you information on everything from prevention and early detection strategies, as well as treatment and cancer information by type. There are great statistics and investigations included, which offer you information from the past 100 years. .

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